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Friday, July 12, 2013

Preppy Bow Tie Cookies!

Recently, Kristin Austin from PaigeSimple asked me to design cookies 
for her little man's 2nd birthday!

Of course I was thrilled and said "Yes!" right away.

Then.....I saw the invitation and did a little happy dance.


How Cute is that!!!!??? and pink!

Shut the front door!

(yes, I totally did a little happy dance in front of the mailbox, 
in the middle of the street, 
in front of all the neighbors)

I couldn't wait to make these!!!

Little Man turned 2!

Kristin has all sorts of printables in her etsy shop to match the theme.

These are my favorites!

Juice Box Labels!!!!!

....a little something for the grown-ups too!

Kristin will have lots of pictures from the party on her blog over the next few days..

but you can preview the party on Pizzazzerie today!

Thanks for including me Kristin!

I hope Chase had a fabulous birthday!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Birthday Birdies and Owl Cookies!

When I moved into my college dorm room many moons ago,
(no...I will NOT tell you how many)

I met Sarah.

She was my new roommate and was (is) pretty much perfect.

Super friendly and welcoming.
Fun, silly, wicked smart and girlie without being 'mean girlie'.

Completely sensible, but also absolutely the girlfriend you knew 
you'd have a great time with all weekend.

Love her.

Plus, she totally introduced me to Joe, who became my super awesome husband.

Because of this I will NOT post the only picture of us I could find.

We are wearing bathrobes and wearing mud masks.

Instead, I will show you the cookies I made for her, for her birthday!

Her Mom wanted to send her some sweet little owls!

I added a loving family tree and some little baby birds 
since she has two little birdies of her own.

She let me make them all springtimey and happy.

Which is perfectly appropriate for Sarah.

Because whenever I think of her....

I don't just remember that she is now a wonderful teacher and mom,

and a super brave breast cancer survivor,

but she has always been one of my best examples of who a girlfriend should be.

I wish she lived closer and that we got to see each other often.

But I hope she knows that I think of her all the time,

and always with a smile.

Hope your Birthday was extra Happy!

(Joe says 'Hi' too!)

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rainbow Cookie Tutorial

Because its the season of leprechauns and pots o' gold,

I'm reposting a tutorial for rainbow cookies!

Yes they look fancy, but they really are a snap.
Hope you give them a try!

Its officially rainbow season!

One of my favorite people, Paige, is turning six!!!

Last year she had a Disney Princess party....

which I made waaaay too many cookies for....

then those cookies turned into a blog....

THIS year its a Rainbow Party!!

When I heard a few weeks ago that she had chosen a rainbow party, I thought, 

"Oh that's great!  I haven't made those before, 

and I don't think I've seen too many of those around either...." 


Then the St. Patrick's Day craftiness exploded all over the place and

I saw more rainbow cookies than I could count!

All of them super cute, I might add.

So what's a cookie lady to do...

I wanted to make something I hadn't made before, and that I hadn't seen yet.

Hmmm....what do little girls love just as much as rainbows!


Here we go!

(I'm trying this tutorial business again...)

I do not own a rainbow cutter, and because of the rainbow explosion I mentioned earlier, 
there aren't any to be found...

I used the largest circle cutter from my set, and the littlest cutter to cut a hole in the center.

It looked just like a donut, then I cut it in half!  

Voila!  Rainbow!  

I added two heart shaped clouds for fun.

I outlined the hearts with a number 2 tip and let that dry.

Here's one with the regular cloud shape.

Someday....someday....I will remember to take all the in between pictures!

I used a number 101 tip and icing a little bit stiffer than piping consistency.

Being right-handed, I started on the left side and just....went for it...

My icing should have been a bit stiffer I think, and maybe a larger tip...
(I like to think about what I would do different the next time.)

Since I had six rainbows to do, first I did all the red, then all the orange and so on,

giving the previous color just enough time to start crusting a bit.

They were done in no time!

This is my new favorite cookie to make!
(until I make the next new cookie...)

Six is a pretty big birthday, don't you think?

Closer to ten, more than half a decade old!

Don't forget to enter the cookie cutter giveaway!!!

Click HERE to enter!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mouse Ear Cookies!

Look at those EARS!!

(sorry...couldn't help myself)

I've always loved the look of 'Mouse Ear' cookies.

Kids love them.  I think they always will.

The only thing I don't like about them,
 is handing a cookie that has been covered in black icing to a munchkin.

I know the black food coloring is perfectly fine.
I'm sure its been tested backwards, forwards and upside-down.

If anyone sprouted a tail and purple hair from eating one,
we would have heard about it by now.


1.  It takes an awful lot of food coloring to get to deep, dark black.

2.  I don't even want to tell you what my sink looks like after I clean out the bowl.

3.  Have you ever looked in a child's mouth after they've eaten their thirteenth black cookie?

'nuff said.


...those ears don't haaaaave to be black.

No matter what color they are,

No one, anywhere, ever...

...has to ask what they are!

Happy First Birthday Chase!

Enjoy your cookies!

You can find more Disney-ish cookies here!

Can't Leave Disneyland Without Them!

Buzz and the Little Green Men!

The Disneyland Adventure

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pizza Cookies for Jack's Surprise Party!

A few weeks before Jack's 6th birthday, 

(You can find it HERE)

It stopped Jack in his tracks as he rushed by the computer.

"Whoa Mom!  Those are the coolest cookies ever!!!!
Are you going to make those?!"

Right at that moment a little light bulb turned on over my head.

Surprise party.....Jack....PIZZA COOKIES!!!!!

"Yeah Jack, someone just asked for pizza cookie favors.
I'll make them in a few weeks."


I love surprises.

Why a surprise party?

Jack has a summer birthday, late August.  
So, while it is easier to track down his friends through email and evites,
 you never know who is out of town and able to come.

I figured this way, 
if it turned out that not a single one of his friends could come....
no broken heart. don't quite believe that?

Okay, fine.  
Maybe that was only 50 percent of the reason.

I knew, without a doubt, if I had to hear thirty days of,

"Is it my party yet?"
"Is my party today?"
"Will Ryan be there?"
"Will Paige be there?"
"How many tokens do we get?"
"Will there be pizza?"
"Are Grandma and Grandpa coming?"
"Can I have soda?"

"Can I invite Riley?"
(the 15 year old neighbor)
"Can I invite Adena?"
(she cuts Jack's hair)
"Can I invite the mailman?"

I might strangle the giant mouse when we finally showed up at Chuck E. Cheese.

It's not cool to attack the giant mouse.
It's just not.

I told him he needed to come with me to deliver the cookies.
I had to show him the balloon with his name on it 
before he actually believed the party was for him.

He was shocked.
Way beyond surprised.

We took pictures with all his friends when they started arriving.
He was more and more excited as each one came through the door.

They all talked strategy before he headed into the magic ticket booth.

At the end of the party, he stood in front of the prize counter 
with his little tickets and kept repeating....

"I just can't believe I'm doing this...
this is awesome."

Score one for the Mommy.

Happy Birthday Jack Jack.

You make our hearts smile, 




Thanks for stopping by,

Lizy B

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Harry Potter Birthday for Hannah!

(I know-they look wonky!  
They are supposed to look like the cake that Hagrid brought Harry for his birthday!!!
More HP cookies at the end of the post!!) 

We're not a Sugar and Spice family.

We're Snips and Snails and Puppy-Dog Tails All the Way.

No daughters for Lizy B.

(absolutely, totally fine with that by the way.  
Little boys love their mommies something fierce.)


if I had a daughter, a little girl to call my own....

I would order up a Hannah.

Hannah is my niece, she's up there in the middle between her 
littlest sister, Danijela, and her brother, Mark.

I think her sister Maddie took the photo.

(can I quickly mention that I have quite a few nieces-Katie, Sami, Maddie, Danijela, Ani, Maddie, Nikki and Rachel-I love them all dearly, but today we're chatting about Hannah.)

Hannah is....well she's just amazing.

For awhile, she wanted to be a nurse.
She loves helping people, so it seemed like a good fit.

Then her little brother Mark (also my Godson-isn't he cute!) was diagnosed with Apraxia.

Apraxia is a motor speech disorder that makes it challenging to communicate verbally, 
especially for a little boy like Mark who loves people and is so outgoing and friendly.

You can read more about it HERE.

We rarely see him without a smile on his face.

I remember once Hannah asked, after helping Mark communicate with his cousins,

"How could God do that to such a great little boy?"

I didn't answer her at the time, 
and I don't have an answer, 
but I could see the seeds of something growing.

Mark is doing amazingly well.
He attends a school for children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
His hearing is fine, but it's an environment where he can easily communicate using 
sign language and his speech is improving everyday.  

We love hearing him chat on the phone!

But Hannah....she's the gift that grew from his struggles.

When Mark started learning sign language, so did she. 
Soon after, they went to an Easter Seals summer camp together.
Mark was the official camper and Hannah was his 'buddy'.

No one was surprised when she and Mark had a fabulous time together, 
but Hannah was so amazing with all the campers that she was invited back after he went home.

She spent her summer laughing and playing with all sorts of kids who had a 
variety of special needs.

She changed her major too.

Now she's studying Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences and Special Education. 

Hannah is planning on spending her life helping munchkins like Mark, find their voices.

Hannah is still a typical, fun-loving young lady.

The kind of girl we would all love to have for a best friend, fiercely loyal, so quick to laugh and be silly and just enough of a naughty side to keep you on your toes.

  She recently turned 21 and spent the weekend in Las Vegas with a best girlfriend and....

....wait for it.....

her MOM, 2 AUNTS and her Aunt's BF.

By Choice!!!!!!


I had the time of my life.

No...they were not all mine!

(These were the only two pictures that survived...the rest have been burned)

I know what you are thinking....

", I came here looking for some Harry Potter cookies thank-you-very-much......?!
What's going on!!!"

Here's the Harry Potter part.

Hannah Loves Harry Potter!!!


So right after I won that giveaway and received the necklace, 
I heard about Hannah's birthday trip to Las Vegas.

I knew.....just KNEW.....

Harry Potter needed to go to Las Vegas!!!

I've got close-ups and all kinds of cookie talk for you in the next post

(as well as a surprise from Erin over at Bookish Charms).

I just had one more little thing to say to Hannah...

are you there?

You asked once why God would make it hard for Mark to talk.

I still don't know the answer to that.

What I do know,

with all the certainty in the world,

is that God gave Mark an amazing gift.

He's giving that same gift to countless other little hearts and minds....

He Gave Them You.

So proud to be your Aunt.

Love you, Happy birthday.

Thanks for stopping by,

Lizy B

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