Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunflower Cookies! A Perfect Petal Tutorial!

Summer's coming!!

We've finally had some sunny mornings here in Southern California.
I made these sunflowers a few weeks ago when we were still covered in a haze of fog.

In other words...yes, the pictures are a bit dark and bluish.
(Photo editing can only do so much.)

But, now that I've ordered a light box 
we're assured sunny weather from now 'til eternity,
so that will be good.

I thought I'd use these sunflowers 
to show you how I get the blank spaces between the petals.

Sometimes, I like a little bit of cookie to show through all that icing.

For the longest time, I just piped my petals and hoped for the best.
But every third or forth cookie I'd get a few wonky petals 
and have to scrape them off and start over.

In the interest of efficiency, 
(and not losing my mind)
I came up with a way to make sure I only had to decorate each cookie once.

Here goes....

Start with a symmetrical flower, as many petals as you'd like.

Decide how large you'd like the center of your flower to be,
 and grab a circle cutter the same size.

Being careful to center the cutter, press down gently to create an imprint.

With an edible ink marker, 
make a dot on the inside on the circle,
 directly across from the point where two petals meet.

Make sure the mark is on the inside of the circle so that it is covered when the center is flooded.

Keep going all the way around.

Next, pipe a line (I used a #3 tip) the same color as your flower center,
over the imprint, covering it completely.

Finally, when you pipe your petals (#3 tip again), 
start and stop on either side of the marks that you made.


Perfectly spaced petals!

I finished these up by flooding the petals and letting them dry.

Then flooding the center with black, and immediately adding wet-on-wet white polka dots.

The bead trim was the last step, added after everything was completely set.

I don't like lonely flowers so I made them some little friendly bees.

This little 'side-view' bee is a new cutter for me.
Not quite sure how I feel about him yet.

I think I'd like him better if I cut off the stinger before I bake him next time.

Just too aggressive...

I couldn't bring myself to ice it on.

These flew out the door to some very lovely ladies!


Thanks for stopping by,

Lizy B


  1. These are so gorgeous, Lizy! I just shared them on my FB Fan page! Thanks bunches for linking up to Mop It Up Mondays!

  2. These are so so gorgeous! Thank you for such awesome, clear pictures and easy to undersand tutorial! I'm pinning for sure!

  3. These cookies are stunning!!
    Perfect job. Thanks for the tutorial

  4. I love it when someone posts a tutorial, it is so interesting to see what tips folks are using! These are the sweetest color scheme....very cute!

  5. You are absolutely amazing! I love these bright summery cookies!!!

  6. They are so beautiful, I wouldn't want to eat them! I've always wanted to decorate cookies like this but have never given it a try. I'll pin this and give it a try.

    Found you over at I Should Be Mopping the floor.

    I'd love for you to link up to my party:

    Hope you have a fantastik week!

  7. These are beautiful. Sunflowers and bees are my favorites, lol. I only wish my cookies came out so perfect. Mine are always a mess but that's what makes them homemade right?! Thanks for the tutorial. Maybe if I try it this way they'll work out better for me!


  8. Let's see, I have a fondness for bees, and for sunflowers, and this color, I'm in love with these cookies! The polka dots are darling!

  9. Wow, these turned out so beautifully and what incredible, vibrant colours!

  10. Lizy, these are gorgeous! You have a true talent for this! Thank you for linking up with Creative Me this week... I can't wait to see more of you there!

  11. LOVE these...and the polka dots.... Where did you get your cutter? Oddly... I don't have too many flower cutters...and am trying to add I was curious where you found flower cutters are a bit of a different shape:) thanks for the tutorial

  12. Oh the lovely photos that happen with foggy days! (Your pictures look great though!)

    Thanks for this tutorial! It was great!!! ;)

  13. Those are so beautiful. And your tutorial is wonderful!

  14. Again gorgeous cookies! You've such talent for making the most beautiful cookies! They're just eye candies! Liz

  15. These are adorable!

    New follower from the blog hop :) Can't wait to catch up your posts!

    Hopefully you get a chance to stop by my blog.

    xo, Jersey Girl

  16. These are so pretty! The detail is amazing...thanks so much for sharing at Mix it up Monday :)

  17. Oh my gosh, those are absolutely adorable! I like how you put a little indentation of the circle so you knew where to draw in the flower's center.

    Looks so good!


  18. Bees and flowers live in harmony! Gorgeous cookies.

  19. I love these! I have a friend who calls her little girl baby bee and she would love these too. I will be sharing your link with her!

  20. Wow Lizy! I sure hope you are selling these cookies because they are professionally fabulous! And this post is a great step by step tutorial, not always I know (since most of mine turn out less non-fabulous.)

    I followed you over from the Piece of Cake linky party. I would love if you stopped by my blog.

    Thanks for sharing,

  21. These are absolutely adorable. I don't think I could eat one..I'd have to frame it instead. =) Great tutorial too.

  22. Saw these featured on Melissa's Loving this Crazy Life. These are beautiful and so artistic! You are very talented. :) Sharon

  23. These are SO pretty!! You will be featured at tonight's party! I hope you'll come by and grab a button! ;)
    Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things}


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