Thursday, January 16, 2014


Love day is coming and so are the hearts!!!

Heart cookies are beautiful and don't need a lot of decoration to get their point across.

Sometimes they're a bit bossy....

....some are very chatty and talk all night...

...while others are quietly cute.

These like to go 'au natural'...

Some hearts belong to someone right from the start.

Unfortunately....some have a hole where they're not supposed to 
and are leaking all over the place.

...and that would be mine.

Yup, I have a leaky heart.

I didn't always have one 
(or if I did, it was so tiny that my doctors couldn't quite hear it)
but I do now, and it ever a doozy.

So that's where I've been for the past month or so.
I've had lots and lots of pictures taken of my insides.
Tests and measurements galore!

But these doctors aren't quite done yet.

My little leaky heart needs a fix 
(technically a mitral valve repair)
that is going to move me out of the kitchen for awhile.

I've got a couple weeks until it gets fixed.
But before and after, I'll be at home with my feet up,
 watching every single show Bravo has to offer 
and getting all caught up on my reading and photo editing!

Hopefully, I'll be spending some time here sharing lots of pictures with you all.
But, since I've never been through this before, I'm not sure how I'll be feeling.

So if I go missing for a bit again, now you'll know where I'll be!
Good thoughts, prayers and well wishes are always welcome!!!

Much love to you all!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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