Thursday, January 31, 2013

How To Embarrass Your Tweenage Son...a remix.

It's been one of those days today.

Printer won't work.
Heavy things fall on toes.
Ran out of tissues...again.

Grumpiness everywhere.

I need a giggle.
Today that giggle is going to come at the expense of my son.
(sorry buddy)

Here's a little remix, hope it lightens your day!

So, I decorated these cookies late one night. 

Not a whole collection, 
just a couple.

I was doing some corsets for a bachelorette party and wanted to try something different.

I left them out to dry on the kitchen table, and went to bed.

The next morning was a school day.

I always try to send Ethan downstairs first, before his little brother, 

so that he can get his books and lunch together 

without a tornado spinning around his ankles.

Needless to say, I completely forgot about the half-dressed cookies

I left on the kitchen table....

...where he makes his lunch as soon as he gets downstairs....



What The Heck!!!!

Not only was his eleven-year-old self completely mortified...

I'm reasonably sure he's convinced his mother is a freak. 

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Take A Peek Tuesday! No More Burnt Cookies!

It's Tuesday!  
That crazy day when I show you a little something from my kitchen.

Come on in and Take A Peek!

Last week I showed you my hoard collection of cookie sheets 
and chatted about which ones were my favorites.

This week, it will be one of my favorite cookie 'tools'...

I love these things!

Quite a few bakers use parchment paper, and occasionally I do as well.
But...I'm awful at tearing it off the roll.
And then I have to pull out the scissors to make it fit.
And it always curls up on me.
And then I have put something on the edges to keep the paper flat while I'm cutting out cookies...

(then I have to explain to my kids why mommy used one of 'those words')

I'm sticking with my Silpats.

Okay, wait.

Silpat is a name brand, but it's often used for any silicone liner.
Sort of like how we use 'tupperware' for all those storage containers.

There are many different brands out there...all pretty good.

Here's a closer look....pretty similar, right?
Some kind of mesh screen encased in slippery silicone.
The top is smoother than the bottom and typically has printing.

They all do their jobs perfectly.
Cookie bottoms are gorgeous every time!

One of them is a little different though...did you notice?

I bought a few of those Paderno liners at the Williams-Sonoma outlet last summer.
There was a huge sale on bakeware so I couldn't resist.
I noticed the corners at the time, but didn't think anything of them....
until I got them on my cookie sheets.

They stick up a little bit.
Just enough that if I have a cookie close to the corner, it bakes funny.


I think I can just cut the corner but I haven't quite gotten around to it yet.

Cleaning is super easy.

Just wipe them down with a soapy sponge.
I spread out a clean kitchen towel and lay it on there after I clean it.

A quick swipe over the top and its dry and ready to go into the drawer!

No, they're not cheap. 
But, they last forever, that silpat is almost 10 years old.

I don't want to know how much 10 years of parchment paper would cost.

Just don't use a knife on them!

For your shopping pleasure...


set of 3 MIU

Silpat...comes in different sizes!

If you decide to try them, I'd love to hear what you think!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Simple Valentine's Day Cookies!

Valentine's Day is coming!

It sneaks up on me every year.
Why is that?

 I made these little lovebirds last the last minute.
So they've stayed in the photo file 'til now..

These couldn't be simpler to make.

Only one color of flood icing!

A little pink, a little orange instead of red.

Oh Sugar Events! made GORGEOUS lacy, ruffly hearts last year for Valentine's Day.

Go look...they are to die for!

I was obsessed by those and had to give them a try for myself.
(I think I need a little more practice...I'll try them again this year)

I'll be getting on the love train now...more love cookies to come!

Hugs to you all!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Co-Hosting with Katherine!

I'm co-hosting a linky party this week!
How crazy is that?!

Katherine hosts a great party every thursday which I try my best to never miss.

Lots of great new projects to see and I always find a new blog or two to stalk!
I hope you'll pop over there and check it out.
If you're a blogger...come join the party!

Here are all the details my lovelies!
See you at the party!

Thursday Favorite Things

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Here are the rules, yes there are rules. But just a few:
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Grab the hop button code from Katherines button page
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It IS NOT mandatory; but a Link back to Katherines Corner is always appreciated 

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Best Ever Cookie Sheets!

It's 'Take-A-Peek' Tuesday!!!

I'm going to talk about something incredibly unglamorous today...

the humble cookie sheet.

Would you mind if I gave you a little backstory here?

For years and years I worked at Williams Sonoma.
(loved every minute by-the-way)

While I was there, I did almost every job there was: 
greeting at the door, training new employees, shipping and receiving, inventory, 
money stuff, opening a brand new store, 
watching over the 'brand-new-not-even-open-yet-store' as it flooded from the store next door....
(Hi Camille!)

These years also left me with a pretty seriously equipped kitchen.
You name a kitchen tool, I've probably tried it and more than likely own one.

Why was I telling you this?

Oh right, cookie sheets!
I've tried them all....seriously, not kidding.
Even the million dollar All-Clad golden kind.

Here are the ones that earned a spot in my cabinet.

On the far left are the 'others'.


Nothing really wrong with them, I just don't bake cookies on them.
Some are really thin, some are too dark, some are super heavy, but don't have edges and I use them
 for one particular type of cookie...and frozen pizza.
There's also a pizza stone that I don't recall using or buying but can't seem to part with.

My BFFs are in the middle.

Let's discuss...

Generally I will always choose a non-coated cookie sheet.
The non-stick surfaces just complicate matters.
They can get scratched, then flake and can be hard to clean.

A silicone liner or parchment paper will always give you better results 
if you're concerned about sticking and cleaning.

However...they look a heck of a lot better in photos, so I have a few of those.

A lighter color will heat more evenly.
(y'know how the cake mix box tells you to turn down your oven if you use a dark pan?)

A thick bottom is crucial.


Just like a heavy pan will do a better job on your stovetop, 
a thick cookie sheet will heat more evenly, stay flat and have less or no warping.

How heavy?
If you're holding it one hand and your wrist is straining a bit, that's a good sign.

The rolled edges are a good too.
Less warping, very durable, easier to hold.

For me, high sides are a must.

There are a bunch of reasons having to do 
with air circulation in your oven and all that...
but let's be honest.

You only have to watch all your cookies slide off your pan 
onto the floor once to understand why. I know there are a few people out there wondering about insulated cookie sheets,
and I'm sure some of you swear by them and they are the only thing you use.

I don't like them.
I don't.
Not even a little.
That's just the way it is.

You can find my favorites in lots of places.
Sometimes they're called Half-Sheet pans or Jelly-Roll Pans.

Karen's Cookies
Sur La Table

After aaaaaaaall that,
here's the real reason I know that these are the very best in the whole wide world.

My mother-in-law won't use any other kind.
'nuff said.

Next week we'll chat about those liners!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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Monday, January 21, 2013

London Cookies...The Inspiration!

One of my blogging goals for the next year 
is to write posts answering questions that I get by email or in the comments section.

If you ask a question in the comment section, 
make sure you aren't commenting as a 'no-reply' blogger.  
I respond to all your questions directly, but I can't if you don't leave your email!!!

One question I get quite a lot is:

"How do you come up with your ideas for cookies?"

Today I'll walk you through the design process for yesterday's London Cookies!

Here goes!

Shona knew she wanted something 'Englandish' since that's where she's from.

"......and maybe a taxi or phone booth or something...some Union Jacks?"

That's a pretty good jumping off point!
(sometimes things aren't so easy)

If I'm mostly chatting with someone through email or on the phone, 
I like to create a pinterest board full of ideas that we can both see.

Pinterest Board-London Calling

Shona took a look and let me know her favorites (and her not so favorites).

This time we both loved the same images!!

This digital clip art set is called British Invasion.

It's by Clementine Digitals on Etsy (she's fabulous).
She has super darling Valentine's Day owls too!

When you buy her clip art, it includes a commercial license, which means I can use it for cookies.
(I still emailed her and let her know my plans and thanked her for being so talented!)

I'm always thrilled to buy from Etsy.
So many talented artists to be found...

The rest was just decision making...

I knew right away I would do Union Jacks in heart and flag shapes...
these are painted on with food coloring.

Shona loved the idea of her signature on a cookie, 
and I loved the air mail envelope in the clip art set...

Here are the taxi and phone booth she asked for...

From there I just filled in.
Added a plaque cookie with a message.  

I just happened to love that umbrella....and I love to add minis.
Her initials worked will with a little mini envelope.

And that was it!!
Not too stressful!

Not a bit of panic...unlike those fish cookies!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for 'Take-A-Peek' Tuesday!!
Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

London Cookies!

I have a little obsession.

It started when I was a little bitty thing and my mom gave me a set of Princess Diana paper dolls.

I spent hours cutting out her dresses... dress, 'riding in the carriage' dress, 'having tea' dress, 'hunting in the country' dress....
...and imagining such a glamorous life that 
certainly would only be possible living in England.

Joe and I were there once when we were first married.

It was a crazy quick stopover on the way to visit family far, far, faaaaaar away, 
but we made the best of it.

We had a traditional lunch at a pub,
saw Les Miserables that night,
and were back on a plane to continue our journey the next day.

I've always said if I had the opportunity to live overseas for a year that's where I'd go.

Until then,
pass the biscuits!

A new friend asked for sets of London cookies to help her thank 
some lovely co-workers for their hard work and dedication.

She couldn't sign the cookies herself, so I piped her signature on one for her!

We were very lucky that it didn't rain while Joe and I were there,
but I have heard its smart to always have an umbrella.

We did get to ride in a big black taxi though!

If I ever get to  When I get there, I have some new cookie friends I need to visit!

Hi Stephanie!
Hi Michelle!



Do think there are Princess Kate paper dolls?!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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