Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer's Here!

School is finally out!


I know, the rest of the country has been out for ages, 
but our boys just had their last day a week ago.

On the last day of school, Ethan came home, opened up his backpack, 
and filled the recycle bin to overflowing with homework, study guides and tests.

His homework agenda/calendar was thrown on top with a little extra flair.
I think he would have started a bonfire if he could.

Somehow, it started a trend and since then our house has been turned upside down.

The boys decided to stop sharing a room...

Which means Jack moved to the top bunk and Ethan moved into the playroom...

Which means the closets were turned inside out and clothes reassigned to proper areas...

And then furniture was moved around, swapped out and shimmied into place...

Which meant every single book we own had to come out of the shelves 
so the bookcases would budge...

And the Salvation Army has just been scheduled for its third pick-up...

And now there are paint swatches all over the floor of Ethan's new room while designs his new teenage living space.


It's pretty much one of my favorite things to do in all the world.

Getting rid of the old to bring in the new.
Re-organizing their spaces and donating what we don't need any longer.

Re-thinking how we can use the spaces and furniture we have in a new, more functional way.

(not to mention the dust and ick that gets removed in the process...woo-hoo!)

Have a Happy Fourth of July everyone!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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