Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sleepover Cookies and Makeovers!

Chevron Sleep-mask Cookies for Cassidy!!

I'll tell you about all the cookies in a minute, here's the backstory first.

For the longest time, I've been wanting to redo the look of my little blog.
She's growing up, she deserves a fancy logo, wallpaper, favicon, pretty sidebar links,
the whole nine yards.

Over and over, I would start the process of finding a designer and get so lost in the maze of websites that I would throw up my hands and give up.
On more than one occasion I have yelled in frustration said,
"I just need someone to email me and offer to redo this whole thing for me.
That could totally happen...right?!"

You want to take a wild guess what happened next?

seven thirty three

Kim from Seven Thirty Three blog design sent me an email wondering if I would be interested in a little 'cookie swap' of sorts.

Her daughter was about to have her first sleepover birthday party and she really wanted fabulous fancy cookies.  Kim has a busy crafty blog with lots of readers and...
"would you be interested in a write-up or....BLOG DESIGN?"


Someone emailed me and offered to redo this whole thing.

So, Kim is amazing.

You know how sometimes you think you know what you want, 
and then, someone gives you exactly that, 
and you realize that you didn't want that at all....
and now what do you do?

That was me, totally.

But she was super calm and patient.
Not once did she call me up and say I was a crazy, indecisive mess.

Then she magically created all this!

...and its perfect.

I love it.
I smile whenever I click on the blog and all that pink and navy pops up!

(I hope you like it too)

For my part of this project....

I got to make all kinds of cookies based on these gorgeous invitations she created.

She posted them as a free printable too!

Kim was open to anything but asked,
"Do you think you could do a cookie that matches the invite?"

I love those kinds of questions.

Y'all know I didn't stop there...

I don't think I could make just one kind of cookie if I tried.

I heard this was the only cookie that broke in shipping.
But that just made it the perfect taste-tester!

Cassidy is the birthday girl!

(Font is Little Days)

Kim put a sweet little heart by the 'PJ Party' on the invitation.

Happy Birthday Cassidy!!!

I hope you liked you pajama party Cassidy!!

I'm sure you did, because your mom is awesome!

Kim has lots of pictures of the party and all the great DIY touches she created.

Just to make sure there was peace...

I made cookies Cassidy's little brother and sister too.

Kim, I can't thank you enough.
Your design is gorgeous.
The installation was seamless.



(she even made that super cute signature down there!!)

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sparkle Striped Pumpkin Cookies!

Ethan: "Bummer Mom."

Me: "Bummer?  Why?  Did something happen at school?"

Ethan: "No! School's great.  I meant, Bummer for you."

Me: "Oh shoot!  Did I mess up a cookie?"

Ethan:  "No, they're fine.  But you ran out of orange."

Me:  "I did?  Oh no it's almost Halloween!
(jumping up and running to the drawer of colors)
Um....wait, here's orange...and terra-cotta...and electric orange. 
 No I'm good."

Ethan:  "Oh."

Me:  "What......*silence*.......seriously Ethan, what?"

Ethan:  "Then what's with the funky colored pumpkins?
they're weird...."

Me:  "Well, I was trying to be artistic and use fun colors"

Ethan:  "...oh......OH!!!!"

Me:  (waiting....eyebrows raised)

Ethan:  "They're like...Punk Rock Pumpkins!!!

(well now why didn't I think of that)

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Memories giveaway!

I mentioned the other day that I have found 
the most perfect blogging conference.....
one that you can attend in your pajamas!
Here's another giveaway for all attendees!!!!

Click Here to learn all about the conference!!!

Click Here to register for Online Blogcon!!!

I'm so excited to learn all about how to be a better, and more importantly,
more effective and efficient blogger!!!

Okay, okay...I'll stop.

Here's the giveaway from the fabulous peeps over at My Memories!!!

Good Luck!

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If you're a blogger, My Memories has something even better for you: an affiliate program. You can get free products, giveaways for your blog, and earn money too! Read more here.

Online BlogCon attendees are in luck! My Memories is giving away versions of it's software to four lucky winners! PLUS they are giving two additional conference goers gift certificates for digital product (a $10 and a $25 credit for the online store). Perfect to help you share the memories!
Once you're registered for the conference, you can enter the giveaway! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tutorial! The Chevron Pumpkins are Back!

So, it looks a bit different around here on the blog today....hmmmm

(I can't wait to tell you all about the process, 
but that will have to wait until next time.)

I promised you a Tutorial!

These chevron pumpkins are one of my favorite Halloween cookies to make.

The only trick is that you need to move quickly!  

But that also means they are done in a snap.

Because of that, I'd suggest you start with a cookie 3 or 4 inches across.
(the grey and purple pumpkins are about 4 1/2 inches)

That way, you can get it flooded quickly 
and move onto the next step before the icing begins to set.

That lime green cookie is a monsterous 7 1/2 inches.

Easily feeds a couple of munchkins,
also makes a hysterical picture since it covers their entire face!

Here we go!!!

I used:

Pumpkin shaped sugar cookies
Orange, ivory, black and purple piping icing in decorating bags with a number 3 tip
Orange, ivory, black and purple icing in squeeze bottles
Lots of toothpicks
Damp paper towel (not shown)
Leaf shaped decorating tip

Begin by outlining you cookie with the same color icing 
that you will use to flood your pumpkin.

Outline the stem with black piping icing.  
Make sure the black outline touches the pumpkin outline.

Fill in your pumpkin with the matching color flood icing,
making sure your icing reaches your outline all the way around.

Pop any obvious air bubbles with a toothpick, but don't take too long!

Quickly pipe stripes with your black flood icing.
It will sink into your base color and create a flat surface.

(that's called the wet-on-wet technique)

Curve your lines a little bit, like tiny smiles, 
to give your pumpkin some dimension.

Grab a toothpick!!!!!

Starting at the top of the pumpkin, somewhere near the middle,
drag your toothpick through the stripes all the way to the bottom without picking it up.

Make your line curve outward just a bit....
y'know, like the section of a pumpkin!

Don't stop to admire your work....keep going....don't let it dry!!!

Now start at the bottom and pull your toothpick up to the top.

(Don't forget to curve your line out the opposite direction!)

Now just keep going!

Alternate the direction of your stripes, continuing to the outside edge.

If you look really closely at the ivory icing my toothpick just swept through, 
you'll see little wrinkles.

That's what happens when the flood icing begins to set 
before you finish dragging your stripes.

One other really important tip!!!

Wipe off your toothpick between stripes!!!!
See that icky looking paper towel up there?

For these stripes you definitely want a 'clean' stop and start.
If you leave icing on your toothpick, 
you'll have a dot of color above the beginning 'V' of each stripe.

On second thought....try it both ways.
Experiment a little, see which one you like best.

(Then you get to eat the other one!)

Fill in your stem with black flood icing and let the whole cookie dry!

That's it!!!

Perfect little chevron pumpkins!
That wasn't so hard, was it?!

If you'd like to add an extra touch,
change to a leaf tip on your black piping icing 
and pipe some big swoopy leaves on your pumpkins.

I hope you try these.
I'd love to see some pics if you do!!!

There's lots going on at the blog this week.
I'll have the story of the makeover


another giveaway from 

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B

Monday, September 24, 2012

Chevron Pumpkin Cookies!

I made you all some pumpkins cookies!!!

But not any ole pumpkin cookies....

Fabulous, fun-colored chevron pumpkin cookies!!!


Yes, I know, they're not orange.

Pumpkins are usually orange.

Well, eventually they turn a blackish, greenish color, 
but mostly they start out orange.


Sweet Sugarbelle sends you an invitation to a pumpkin cookie cutter party 
and wants anything but an ordinary pumpkin!!!

OOOOOOOOOO...Now that's a fun party!
The best part?
These are super easy to make!

In fact, they are so easy and quick,
 that I forgot to take pictures of the process 
and didn't remember until they were done....

Whoops, sorry.

So the tutorial will be in the next post...

(HERE's the TUTORIAL!!)  

Until then, Sugarbelle made a fabulous collage with
all the pumpkin cookies!!!

They are amazing!

Just Look!
Here's the list of links so you can see everyone's fabulous work!

Have fun, welcome to our little pumpkin party!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B

Friday, September 21, 2012

Ghostie Cookies and The Online Blog Conference Giveaway!!

(The Online Blog Conference giveaway is after the giggle!)

What does a ghost get when he falls and scrapes his knee?

A Boo-Boo!

Okay, all you bloggers out there...this is for you!

Raise your hand if you would REALLY like to learn how to grow your blog.

Now, raise your hand if you've thought you'd love to learn all about blogging at a conference...but since you'd have to get dressed and leave the house traveling to get to one is just not in the cards....

*Please note that BOTH of my hands were up*

Finally, there is a conference for us!!!

The Lovely ladies behind 


have organized an 

(this means we can sit on the couch and wear out pajamas!!!!)

To celebrate this event they are giving away a Kindle Fire HD!

Here's all the info straight from the ladies....

  • The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9” isn’t actually being released until November 20, which means we will be pre-ordering it for the winner, and will ship it out on November 20, 2012.
  • ANYONE WISHING TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY MUST REGISTER TO ATTEND ONLINE BLOGCON AND PAY THE $15.OO REGISTRATION FEE. This is the first (and only) mandatory entry on the rafflecopter form. We will, of course, confirm this before we contact the winner.
  • The cash option prize will be sent via paypal to the winner, should he/she choose to opt out of the tablet. No exceptions.
  • US residents only.
  • We will contact the winner via email on Sunday, October 21. If they do not respond within 48 hours, another winner will be selected. The winner will be publicly announced on the BlogCon site during the last day of the conference (October 24).

I can't wait for the conference,
Hope to see you there!!!

(Now go register so you can enter the giveaway!!!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Glitter Pumpkin Cookies with a sense of humor!

What's one of the easiest ways to convince your kids you're cool?

Tell them a silly joke!

What is a pumpkin's favorite sport?


Another little joke for Miss Kaylin!
(These cookies were originally posted HERE)

Thanks for stopping by,

Lizy B

Monday, September 17, 2012

Bat Cookies for Halloween!

I've been told by a very reliable source that I have a huge and loyal following among eight and nine year old girls in Virginia.  

I thought I'd do a little series of Halloween jokes just for them!

Why do vampires need mouthwash?

Because they have Bat-Breath!

(Hi Kaylin!!!)

You can see some more creep-tastic bat cookies HERE!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lizy B

Friday, September 14, 2012

Those Witchy Shoes! Halloween cookies...Take Two!

As I go through this 'bloggy makeover', obsessing, agonizing, torturing myself, 
thoughtfully choosing color schemes and fonts, 
I'm procrastinating by also re-editing photos and doing a little much needed site maintenance.  


And....quite a few of these posts were written 
before I was on facebook and still only had three readers.  So I'll be reposting here and there with bigger, hopefully better, pictures (without those dreaded black corners!).  

Don't fret...there are TONS of new Halloween cookies on their way.  
Just know, when you see one of these, there is some blog design decision I just can't make and this seemed more productive then banging my head on the wall.


Halloween Shoes!

I never quite understood why witches wear all black.

I mean, I get the whole 'menacing, scary old witch, swooping down on a broomstick with a high-pitched cackle' thing.  Clearly, while doing that particular job, the plain, black outfit is appropriate.

But, c'mon.  

If you were the type of person (would a witch be a person?) that could brew potions, had magic mirrors and turn princes into frogs....don't you think you'd show a little imagination in your fashion choices?

So after I thought about that for a bit....

What if you were a teenage witch!

...and you conjured up some fabulous new shoes!!!!!

And you couldn't wait to go to school and show your friends!

But then......

That girl....the one that likes the same boy you like....
conjured up shoes just like yours!!!!


And she got to school first!  
She was showing off her shoes before you could even get to the door!!!!!

So, you pull out your wand and aim it at her!
(now she's scared, you'll show her)

Oh no!  Someone heard they come!

It's your teacher!!!!
Uh-oh, she's mad!

She's running!

Whew!  You put away your wand just in time.  She'll never know what happened...

Besides, purple roses are way cooler than orange...

Thanks for stopping by,

Lizy B

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