Friday, June 3, 2011

I do!

I love to look through wedding magazines.  Even more than gossipy ones!

They're just so pretty!

Somewhere between the flowers, invitations, jewelry, parties and vacations I always end up inspired by something!!

I've been drooling over the latest Martha Stewart Wedding magazine for the past few weeks....

and couldn't stop thinking about the dresses!!

This one had pockets!!!  Pockets!!  
(couldn't quite figure out how to make a cookie pocket though...)

How glamourous is this!  

I could wear that to drop off the kids at school...right?

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Lizy B

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  1. Martha Stewart wedding magazines (or anything) are always so much fun to look at. I love the food magazines but never get around to actually making anything in them-at my house we call it food porn :)

  2. Saa-weet! These are so beautiful! You really have a great eye and hand for detail. And you're right about the pocket, how do you do that? =)

  3. These are perfect! I love them, I wish I could make cutouts as nice as yours, let's just say mine leave something to be desired - lol. So glad I followed you here from the Sundae Scoop Link Party! I'm also linking up if you'd like to drop by!
    Hugs, antonella :-)

  4. These are wonderful cookies!!


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