Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Twinkle Toes!

You know how sometimes you get to make something (or do something) and you have that moment of recollection....that flashback to when you were little and your dreams were sooooo big.  You could picture yourself in your head doing just about anything...

Anyone?  Anyone with me here?  hmmm....

Well, when I was small, I loved ballet.  I loved the music, the ballet studio, my teacher Miss Sheila, the fact that you could dance around the room from corner to corner and there wasn't any furniture to bump into.....

Mostly, I loved the outfits.  The tutus!!!
All the satin and lace and sequins, oh my!

The shoes!!!  Yes, they hurt like a b@#%^, but there's nothing prettier...

So when Jackie asked me to make graduation cookies for her daughter who just happens to be a ballet dancer.....I was seven years old again.  Dreaming about the pretty stage outfits I'd get to wear one day.
I never quite got to the pretty, grown-up tutus.  I stopped ballet before then...

but a little girl can still dream.....


One of these things is not like the others....

That's better.  Who was that silly girl in the middle?

Ooops, here she comes again.

My favorite....

I was trying to be all fancy and artistic with this shot.
Clearly I need more practice, and a better camera....
but you can see the sanding sugar on the tutus a little better.

Congratulations Tess!!!!!

This now concludes Act One of 'Tess's Graduation'

Come back tomorrow for Act Two!

Thanks for stopping by!

Lizy B


  1. Those are darling! I just showed them to my daughter who is currently enrolled in her first dance camp. Now she's wishing her shoes were edible too!

  2. These are so precious! You really outdo yourself everytime=)

  3. Lizy B....when I think your cookies cant get any continue to outdo yourself...soooo cute xoxo cin j

  4. I love it! Did you use cookie cutters and where can you get them? The decorating on them is so pretty.

    Jeanna @

  5. Beautiful cookies! Did you create your own cutters?

  6. Oh pretty! I'd love for you to share this at my link party. Beautiful job!

  7. Thanks everyone! Jenny and Jeana, these were hand-cut, but only because I wouldn't have been able to get cutters in time! has a huge selection of tutu and ballet slippers in a few sizes.

  8. Wow, these cookies are gorgeous!! So neat and perfect! My little sister would love it!
    Come see me at

  9. Those are adorable! The details are amazing.

  10. I need you here !!! my daughter is having a ballerina party and these are perfect !
    Do you sell your cookies at all ?

  11. These are SO PRETTY!! I just love your style!


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