Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fishing Cookies!?!

Here's a little 'inside view' at how cookie conversations usually go...

This particular conversation occurred in downtown L.A., 
while on a buying trip with my girlfriends, Lisa and Chris.

We were in a huge floral supply shop, in the cellophane bag aisle.

My arms were filled with 6 bags of multicolored shred the size of bed pillows....

Me:  "Lisa, isn't Griffin having a birthday soon?  How is he already turning 13!!!!"

Lisa:  "I know, its crazy!"

Me:  "Does he have big plans with his friends?"

Lisa:  "He wants a fish party!  Like, real FISH!  
He wants to go out with his friends and go fishing!!!!"

(I should add that Griffin is an awesome nature boy and is known for being a fisherman.
They practically jump out of the lake and into his lap)

"You can make fish cookies right?  Maybe a fishing pole....a fish...?
Do you have time?  Would you mind?"

Me:  "How perfect!  He'll love that!  
Of course I can make fish cookies for him!
I'd be thrilled!"

(and yes, I am always excited to make cookies for my friends' kids.
No one in the world appreciates fancy cookies more than munchkins, even at 13)

Soon after, we paid for our supplies, piled in the car and started heading to our next destination.

That's when the whole 'fish theme' started to sink in...

Me:  (silently in my head so no one could hear the 'crazy talk')

"Fish!  Fish!
What the heck!!!!"

(I'm not sure why I panic every time I create a set for the first time, but I do)

"Do I even HAVE a fish cutter!?"

(no, I did not.  But I was able to order one in time)

"What color is an actual fish anyway?
Greenish, I guess, like pond color maybe?"

"Oh no....don't they have shiny scale things?
How the heck am I going to do that?! 

(I sprayed the body with Wilton pearl spray before adding details and fins)

"Fishing pole.....I must have a cutter that looks like that."

( pole.  I had an extra baseball bat cutter that I mangled
beyond recognition)

"....and there's that thingy on the end....the floaty thing.....
what's that called?"

(turns out...its called a floater.  Luckily, it looks just like a baby's rattle.
I did have one of those)

"...and Griffin always wears that great hat whenever he goes hiking with his family.
I can put that in there too."

(please don't tell him, but this is a purse, I just cut off the handle)

"What are those feathery things on the hooks?  Don't those
hang on the hats?  I guess I'll just google those."

 (it's suppose to be a feather....just pretend 'k?)

" least I have a plan.  
Hopefully they'll turn out okay."

Happy Birthday Griffin!

So that's how it goes, more or less.

First comes the occasion with a theme.

Then excitement...followed by panic.

But, with a little brainstorming, a lot of googling and flipping through clip art,
an idea starts to form....and then the fun begins.

Thanks for stopping by,

Lizy B


  1. These cookies are awesome! The fish shines with at pearliness just right, and that totally looks like a feather on that hook! Yay! I think those kids will go nuts for these!

  2. Love the darn the fish...Joe must be soo proud :) xo Cin J

  3. This blog post is a riot! Thanks for letting us in on the conversation. The cookies are AMAZING!!! I was busting up when you said what are these things called.....

  4. Oh my 9 year old would love these. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great post! I would love for you to link up at my Linky Party via:

    Mrs. Delightful

  6. Oh, the details! You're killing me with the tiny piped details! I love it all, per usual, plus the tip about the Wilton pearl spray before you add the final touches. Good to know!

  7. Love these sweet cookies!!! And your conversation...too funny! When someone asks me to make cookies... I do the same mind is consumed by nothing except how I will design the cookie....what cutter to use or do I hand cut?? You executed the request PERFECTLY!!!! :)

  8. Hi Lizy!

    You are a true artist! I have been following a while now and I am always amazed at how detailed your cookies are. I just didn't realize how how much you had to improvise.

    I would love it if sometime you could share a post at my Wednesday Bunny Hop Party. I would also like to do a feature post about you :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  9. Hi again... I am now following on Linky and Google Friends let me follow again :)

  10. these are neat, the details are cool w/ the bobber on the fishing rod - I love the luster look to the fish. Your icing is so smooth - man, you are GOOD!!

  11. You amaze me every time I visit...Thanks for linking up@CountryMommaCooks have a wonderful weekend:)

  12. These are unbelievable! So beautiful!!!! Your decorating is PERFECT!

  13. thank you sooo much my dear sweet friend. the fish cookies were a hit! i don't know anyone more talented than you!!! xoxo always! ~ lisa

  14. These cookies just look amazing, so creative! They are being featured today at Mrs. Foxs Sweet Party :) Hope you will stop by and join us again!

  15. You are a cookie artist! My hubs just left for a fishing trip - wish I had the talent to make these and then sneak some in his bag!

  16. You have been featured(again) @CountryMommaCooks Link and greet Party
    stop by and pick up a featured button:)

  17. I just stumbled upon these cookies on Pinterest. They are amazing. I'll keep them in my cookie bank for the chance to bake them for a dear friend who favorite past time is fishing...

  18. These are superb...very tastefully done! Thank you for sharing. My brother's birthday is coming up and these would be perfect.

  19. What color green is that? I'm making fish cookies this week. :)


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