Thursday, February 16, 2012

R2-D2 Cookies!!!

There have been days when Jack has had so much to say about R2-D2
that I've thought he was part of the family.

No, I'm not kidding.

He has told me where he is from,
how old he is,
who he's going to marry,
what car he likes to drive,
what he likes to eat for lunch,
what he does NOT like to eat for lunch,
what he is going to do when he grows up....

....and yes, I was sucked so far into that conversation that I actually
debated whether or not R2D2 should really be fixing spaceships while
being shot at by Tie-fighters if R2D2 is not a grown-up droid....

...not my finest mommy moment.

When you have a robot (excuse me) droid obsessed child,
and someone asks you to make R2D2 cookies, two things go through your mind.

1.  Jack is going to LOOOOOOVE these!!!

2.  How do I keep them from getting eaten before they leave the house!

Truthfully, I knew it would only be a challenge until they were iced,
Jack only eats 'naked' cookies ("no icing please, mommy").

I used the 'cut and press' cookie cutters from William-Sonoma. 

 I know not everyone is a fan of these, but I like them a lot.

If they are going to be decorated, I just use them as regular cutters.
If I'm making 'naked' cookies for Jack, the press part is fabulous.  

I'll bake a batch soon and take lots of pictures...'kay?

Here we go!  Two little droids waiting for outfits!

I like to place my cookies on a rimmed quarter sheet turned upside-down.

I've got gray and white icing that is 'piping consistency'
(stiff but with a little bit of stretch)
in bags with #2 tips.

First, I'll outline the gray part, fill with flood icing in a squeeze bottle
and then go grab a toothpick...quick!

I hate air bubbles.  I do.
Here's one coming up right where the arrow is pointing.
Can you see it?

Got it!
The icing flattens right out, no more bubble!

White outline is next...

...and then fill 'em up!

We have a pretty dry climate in Southern California, so I usually just let them dry on their own.
If its the slightest bit damp, I put a fan on them to speed things up.

And now....this is why I leave the tutorials to people with much better attention spans
like Sugarbelle and Lilaloa.

I can never remember to take any pictures after I flood the *dang* cookies!!!

Sorry folks.

Here you go...the finished products.

I think next time I'll go through the trouble of making Royal Icing transfers for the little
rectangles and shapes on his body.

They're too small to do without the risk of cratering.
Too pointy (for me anyway) to accomplish with 20 second icing.
So I used piping consistency for all the shapes.

(I'm not crazy about the bumps.  They look like air bubbles to me.I hate those.  I do.)

All in all, not bad for the first go!

...he seemed lonely.
He needed a little friend.

He comes in the same set!

Same #2 tip!

Outline, flood, give him a facial, take care of air bubbles 
and let him dry!

Hi guys!

Best Friends Forever!!!

Don't worry, I didn't give away the one he kissed.

Thanks for stopping by,

Lizy B


  1. WOW! They look amazing!!!
    I just made my first flooting cookies this week...they didn´t turn out so well....but it was the first try...gonna keep on trying!

  2. Love this! We just posted our 2nd Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday Link Party and would love for you to share this!

  3. wow these look amazing - great for a themed birthday party.

  4. YOU ARE AWESOME! Seriously so well done, and you must be the #1 mom in his eyes right now!

    ... the picture hugging the lego R2D2 is super cute!

  5. Beautiful job! I have these same cookie cutters. I am lost when it come to decorating them for my kids. This helped so much! can you do all of them!? :) You are amazing!

  6. Thanks for linking up @CountryMommaCooks these are awesome!

  7. My son would absolutely love these. Too bad I'm not very good with frosting unless it involves only a knife. Yours look great!!

  8. I really appreciated how you went through the steps (would have loved to see you doing the details! Well, maybe next time) When you do it step-by-step I think we can marvel even more at your skill! Thank you for your talent in cookiedom.

  9. wow, these look so real - your icing always look so smooth. Great tutorial also. I appreicate you linking up at Tea Party Tuesday, hope to see you back this week for a fun giveaway! Take Care.

  10. You are SOOO talented- these cookies (as always) are incredible. Thanks for linking up- I'll be featuring you tomorrow! xo

  11. I LOVE these cookies! You explained the process well - don't worry about not having pictures for the whole process. I have tried to use royal icing for little shapes before, and I have not been happy with the outcome. Something I will continue to practice! I am pinning this for the future!


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