Monday, June 25, 2012

Circus Animal Cookie Disaster....Can I Get A Do-Over?

 We all dread the moment as bakers and moms.

That loud crash

the ear-splitting clang,

the feeling of your heart sinking to the pit of your stomach with a thud...

All because your cookie sheets and your
 perfectly decorated cookies have scattered across the floor...

into a million sandy little pieces.



  1. Oh gosh! I haven't had any serious cookie disasters yet...I did have a cake pop casualty because of a licky kitty :) I'm sure my day will come!

  2. You took the words RIGHT out of my mouth... I have had birthday party disasters in the past...and yes....probably because I was trying to make the party PERFECT according to my standards. But soooo is really about making the KIDDOS happy....and making them the special person for the day!!!! They could care about all those little details that we pour over!!!! My do over moment was definitely decorating a teapot cake for my daughter's third birthday with buttercream...then m&m's...and then freezing the cake. uhhhhh....when it defrosted...those little m&m's just slid right off leaving their beautiful colored streaks right down the sides of the cake!!!! That was me....trying to make the cake ahead of time....definitely not worth it. LOVED your post....are an excellent writer....and have such an amazing way of captivating your readers:) Thanks for sharing!

  3. My do-ever was the first year of marriage and a shrimp and leek pizza. Crust to topping, it took all day, and as I pulled it out of the oven it slid off the rimless cookie sheet and plopped upside down on my brand new kitchen floor. My sweet husband, got a fork and sat down with his beer and declared it delicious! Is it any surprise we are approaching 26 years?! I have done over that pizza a jillion times, the story never gets old!

  4. Oh, I can imagine your heart crashing with those cookie sheets! There are so many things I would do over, I have trouble thinking of just one!

  5. Great do-over story. I've been there, except in cupcake world. Icing and carpet don't work too well together. That cake is adorable though!!

  6. I can just imaging how you felt - that cake is wonderful though - perfect for a three year old's party!


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