Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cookies for The Hunger Games!

Have you read The Hunger Games series yet?

My husband read them first, then they came to me.


They had more than enough action, which meant I only had to read a passage
or two out loud before Ethan was convinced to read them.

Then....a miracle happened.

He starting ASKING to go to bed early and read...

No, I'm not kidding.

He tore through all three books and most nights we had to 
tell him to turn off his light and go to sleep.

If you have a reluctant reader in your family you know just how shocking that is.

So in honor of The Hunger Games and the fabulous Suzanne Collins who wrote them...

I made cookies!!!

Alright so maybe that's not all that shocking.

These designs were inspired by Living Locurto's free party printables
Go download some!  They're super cute!

I did something new though....

did you notice what it was?

I painted the mockingjays with food coloring!

It was so much fun.

Miss Arty McGoo has been painting her phenomenal cookies for quite awhile.

If you haven't seen them, please go check them out.  
She's truly an artist.

After months of drooling over her photos, I finally mustered up the courage to try it myself.
Also....the Kopykake finally showed up (that helped with the courage)

A Kopykake is an art projector that shines an image downward onto a blank surface.

Before I had one, I kind of thought it would be a little like cheating.
Sort of like 'paint by number' cookies.  Not even close.

Its a VERY faint image and even perfectly focused, you really just get an outline.

It definitely helped make the circle an actual circle. 
All the wings and body parts ended up in the right spots and the proportions are correct.

For me, that's the hardest part, so it was a big help.

Because it was my first time painting I wasn't too confident so.....

I used this.

They're in the Wilton cake decorating section in your local craft store.
(not an endorsement, not paid for or supplied by Wilton)

I bought one (only one in a package) sheet of white.  It was 3.99 and OF COURSE I had a coupon!

I cut off a strip and painted that instead of an actual cookie.

I put dollops of color in an artist's palette and added water as needed.

I used ck golden yellow with a little americolor warm brown for the shading.

It was a little challenging to mix the colors, 
so I used a napkin to dab my brush and see how close I was getting.

Ethan helped take the action photos.

This is about halfway through.

The wings are shaded, still need to do the tail, body and 
the dreaded super straight and pointy arrow!

By now, the Kopykake wasn't any help at all.

For the shading I referred back to the book cover.


It was really fun.

Really, really fun!!!

My mom is the true artist in the family, 
but I think its pretty good for my first try.

I cut out the image and dropped it onto a freshly flooded cookie,

It was so much fun, I did another one!

This one I painted directly onto royal icing.

Much easier in black, no shading!

The movie's coming out in a few weeks...

...we finally get to see Peeta and Gale...

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.

Thanks for stopping by,

Lizy B


  1. HOLY CRAP! You are awesome! I have been dreaming about cookie-ying the Hunger Games! LOVE LOVE LOVE X a million!

  2. Miss McGoo, coming from you, that's about the best reply ever! Thanks for the inspiration to paint! It was super fun!

  3. I like the beveled edge effect the sugar sheet gives the white cookie. Very impressive!

  4. Awesome job! Love the book! Love the cookies!

  5. Fantastic cookies! They're too pretty to eat. The Hunger Games have become my new favorite book and you definitely did them justice!

  6. These are awesome! Great work as awlays :)

    ... haven't seen the movie yet, I have the first book ready and waiting for my spring break trip to the Beach :)

  7. These are so amazing, I have no words! I read the series and love it and cannot wait to see the movie. The only thing that could make it better would be munching on these! So so awesome! Sharing on my FB page!

  8. Gorgeous! Those books were SO good and I cannot wait for the movie. I'd love to munch on these cookies while waiting in line!

  9. These cookies are all kinds of awesome! Good job! I absolutely loved the Hunger Games trilogy. :0)

  10. COOL!
    I shared them on my FB page!
    Love them!

  11. my son is reading the book! he never reads anything! I may have to make some district 12 cookies!
    new follower laura

  12. Awesome! I tore through the Hunger Games series too and can't wait for the movie. What a great "taster" you've created! Thanks too, for all the painting tips. I always wondered why some KopyKake tutorials included use of food markers - that image is very faint!

  13. Wish I could eat your cookies while I watch the movie. I have not read the book but the movie looks exciting. Looking forward to seeing it.

  14. Amazing cookies!!

    Carsedra of:

  15. I get so hungry when I see your cookies, but they always look so beautiful that they ARE works of art. Can't wait to get The Hunger Games from the library. Thank you for sharing the book recommendation and the way you designed these fabulous cookies! I was thinking that you're jut like your mom--an artist. Ever think of designing postage stamps? Really! Oh, no, I'm going off the deep end as usual. Sorry--Maria

  16. Lizy!!! I loooooove these!! I'm just getting started on Mocking Jay. I'm nervous to read it because I hear most people didn't like how it ended. :( I'm going to pin, FB and feature these. They are awesome!! Thanks for linking up!

  17. these are fantastic. I'm such a huge fan of the books. The mocking jay is beautiful.

  18. So pretty! I made a mockingjay cookie a couple weeks ago: I wish I had a Kopykake to help! Your painting skills are wonderful!

  19. These are awesome!! I loved the books. Well, the first two. The mockingjay cookies are my favorite.

  20. Holy Moly these are AWESOME. I don't think I could eat such a work of art though but totally AWESOME. My daughter would LOVE these.

  21. OMG these are amazing!!!! I just started book 3 of the series and can't put it down!

  22. Oh..these are incredible! Totally get you on the child going to bed early to 7th gader may or may not have stayed up to close til 2am { I did not know! :) } finishing the first one! She is a team gale girl herself! Thank you for sharing again this week at Uncommon! Bonnie ;)

  23. I love these so much!!! Thank you for sharing. :)

  24. Wow these cookies are amazing! I love how committed you were, and they look so tasty!

  25. Your cookies look great.

  26. Those are seriously so creative and gorgeous!! WOW!!

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Oh my goodness, these are just breathtaking!! You did such an amazing job- beautiful work!! :)

  29. these are SO awesome thanks so much for sharing them at my Hunger Games Link Party!


  30. You are so talented!! Phenomenal...wish I could hire to bake them for a HG party!

  31. Featuring you tomorrow @ Little Becky Homecky's Fantabulous Friday!!

  32. These are just darling! So I pinned them!



  33. Oh my gosh, if I had your artistic abilities, I would be painting canvas! Thanks for the up close on the kopycake, I am on the fence about getting one. And there is one small detail you left out...Team Gale or Team Peeta? Everyone has an opinion...of course I am Team Peeta since he can decorate the cakes so well!

  34. I love it!! I want to make some this week but I think my husband needs a break from all the baking/decorating.

    I can't wait for the film. Great job painting!

  35. These are amazing - I wish I had a Kopykake!

  36. My daughter would love these. I may even get brave enough to have a go. what a wonderful job you've done!

  37. A-mazing! I love these so, so, so much! I linked them up in my Hunger Games linky party, but please let me know if you'd rather that I take them down. :-)

  38. LOVE these, I am featuring you tonight on
    you should come by and link up to the weekend wind up!
    Thanks and again, AWESOME work!

  39. What amazing cookies.
    I'm trying to figure out what goodies to make for my son's hunger games party, and I found your cookies via Living Locurto.

    You have done such a beautiful job! I don't have a Kopykake, so I won't be trying that bird, but I might manage some of the cookies. Of course, it'd help if I read the book first!!!

  40. I know it may seem obvious to most but how did you make the actual cookie? :) I don't bake often but I really want to make these for my daughters 13th birthday! They look beautiful, you did a great job!!!!!!

    1. Hi Emily....I just sent you an email, but you're coming up as a 'no-reply'. If you don't get it, click on the contact button up at the top and send me an email! I'm thrilled to help!

  41. These are great! You are super talented!

  42. All of your cookies are amazing! I'm curious though how you made the flame shapes? I just started pinning ideas for a Hunger Games party as our housewarming this fall, hopefully close to the release of Catching Fire! :D I also really really love your Harry Potter inspired cookies. ♥ SOOOOOO AWESOME!!


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