Monday, February 11, 2013

Be Mine Valentine Cookies

"be mine"

Oh, really?
Be yours?

Somebody seems to be wearing their bossypants today!

"be mine, be mine, be mine, be mine, be mine."

Well now, telling me what to do 5 times, 
isn't going to work any better than telling me once!


"be mine"

Hey now...unless we're talking carats, 
bigger isn't getting you anywhere!

You've got one more shot...I suggest making it a good one.

"be mine....



Never could resist a Valentine with manners.

Just say no to bossy Valentines.
Manners matter.

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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  1. Your writing is so must have an incredibly steady hand.

  2. Lovely - your writing is always laser perfect!

  3. Congrats, Lizy! I am sooooo excited for you.

  4. I just realized I left the comment under the wrong post! I am all for polite Valentines too!!! ^^^^and the comment above...Congrats on getting to be a magazine! I am sooooo excited for you.

  5. totally amazing the story you
    come up with for each set of
    your cookies.
    It shows how much you really
    love doing what you are doing.
    Your passion - so gifted.
    love you
    carol perks

  6. I so admire your exquisite execution and fabulous creativity!

    Can't help but ask if you used a kopykake for this lettering???

    Thanks so much for sharing! Joycie

  7. Oh my goodness!
    Gorgeous Valentine's Day Cookies.
    These look wonderful!


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