Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Take A Peek Tuesday! Organizing Tips!

Okay,  that sounded like I was going to give you tips on organizing didn't it?

I meant...here's how I organize my tips, my pastry tips.
(Those metal pointy things that all look the same from the side)

I love this box!!!  
I bought it at Jo-Ann's a few years ago, with a coupon of course.
Darice 2025-288 Double-Sided Clear Plastic Craft Tote

It holds tons of stuff and you can move around the little dividers
 to make the sections all different sizes!

I keep it open on the chair next to me while I'm working so
I can see down into it and grab what I need.


I keep my 'boo-boo' sticks in there, and tweezers.
Tip covers and bag ties too.

You can't see what I love most about this box though...

It flips over and has more storage on the back!
(I'll save that for another day)

*Jaclyn...thanks for asking!!!*

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm in the market for a new tip organizer, this one seems great!

  2. That tote looks great - I'll have to check Jo-Ann's and get one, too!

  3. Very cute box....I have a boring bead box...but your's is way cuter...a new Jo-Ann's just opened up in my town...I think I need to make a trip to get one..with a coupon of course!

  4. I use a jewelry bead box and love it but one thing that has always frustrated me is that there isn't a section big enough for my boo boo sticks. Looks like I may be looking for a new box soon :)

  5. i love your blog and your cookies are amazing... thanks for sharing all that you do! I store my tips in a box similar to yours and used a label maker to add the tip #s to the different slots.... i would love to see how you store your sprinkles... I have a slight addiction to them......

  6. Great box! I need to get a big box like this. I love any good organizational boxes.

  7. Oh I need to get one of these totes! My tips supply has outgrown my current one.


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