Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Cookie Gifts with the Kids!

A couple times a year my munchkins like to help with the cookie decorating.
Christmas is definitely one of them.
Except....the fancy cookies that I make on a regular basis aren't exactly kiddo friendly.
They end up with icing running off the cookie and all over their hands.
Faces they draw with icing look more than a bit 'Dali-esque"

As a mom, I think they are fabulous and take lots of pictures.
But the kiddos can get a bit discouraged.

So last year Jack and I came up with a solution....

Mommy would do the hard parts, 
but Jack got to do something so that everyone knew he had helped!

He signed them!!!!
(and was beyond proud)

After flooding a round cookie and letting it dry overnight,
I handed Jack a food pen.

These are my favorite at the moment,

After scrubbing his little seven-year-old hands he got to work.

(We did the sparkly ones together the day before.
I'll show you those pictures next time!)

Something about getting to write on a cookie with a magic marker 
speaks to the little trouble maker inside every little boy.

Each cookie only took a few seconds, we did about 6 or so.

And lets be honest, that's the extent of a seven year old boy's
 cookie decorating span of attention.

So I finished up the ones with the icing letters...

...and he ran off to have another lego battle with his brother.

No tears, no mess.
Loved it!

I'll show you how he helped with the sparkly cookies next time!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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  1. I love cookies that get the kids involved. These are beautiful and oh so sweet!

  2. Simply wonderful! You have such a knack for selecting the perfect font for all of your cookies. Can I beg you to share the name of the font you used with this one? (not the Love, Jack! lol....the MERRY CHRISTMAS) ?
    So good to see you back. Hope you're feeling well.


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