About Me


I'm Lizy B.

I'm Mommy to my 5 year old son, Jack,

Mom to my 11 year old son Ethan,

and Honey to my husband, Joe B.

I'm a baker (gosh that sounds official), not formally trained.  I worked at an upscale kitchen store for years and years and loved every minute.  I learned so much working with wonderful bakers and cooks while I was there.  

Somewhere around the age of 11 or 12, I started checking out the Wilton Cake Decorating books from the library and became obsessed.  All those cakes were just so pretty!  I had to know how to do that!   Then Martha Stewart showed up on the scene and I couldn't get enough.  I've spent time decorating cakes and working with chocolate, but cookies are my favorite.  You can have just a bite, they're easy to share with friends, and they're pretty!

I'm an interior designer, that's what I went to school to do, although I've never done that professionally.
I found that my favorite part of designing was helping someone to achieve their vision of what a space could be.  That turned out to only be 10 percent of the job.  The rest was contractors, phone calls and yelling at people who don't show up....not great.  I still love design.  Visiting model homes, magazines, blogs, showrooms, HGTV, even Home Depot...all great fun!  But I save the actual design for my own home.

I'm a drill sergeant. (okay, not really, but aren't all mom's drill sergeants?)

I'm a techie nerd.  Yes, it's true.  Not that I'm great at it.  I curse at the computer just as much as the next person.  I just happen to look at my computer as the worlds largest and best craft tool, and instruction manual, and travel guide, and reference book....I could go on and on...

I'm a bookworm.  Having a bad day?  Go to the book store.  Really, really bad day?  Go find the cookie cook books!  If I'm not baking or decorating a cookie...I probably have my head in a book.

I'm, apparently, a blogger!

Thanks for stopping by!

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