Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween shoes!

I never quite understood why witches wear all black.

I mean, I get the whole 'menacing, scary old witch, swooping down on a broomstick with a high-pitched cackle' thing.  Clearly, while doing that particular job, the plain, black outfit is appropriate.

But, c'mon.  If you were the type of person (would a witch be a person?) that could brew potions, had magic mirrors and turn princes into frogs....don't you think you'd show a little imagination in your fashion choices?

So after I thought about that for a bit....

What if you were a teenage witch!

...and you conjured up some fabulous new shoes!!!!!

And you couldn't wait to go to school and show your friends!

But then......

That girl....the one that likes the same boy you like....
conjured up shoes just like yours!!!!

And she got to school first!  
She was showing off her shoes before you could even get to the door!!!!!

So, you pull out your wand and aim it at her!
(now she's scared, you'll show her)

Oh no!  Someone heard they come!

It's your teacher!!!!
Uh-oh, she's mad!

She's running!

Whew!  You put away your wand just in time.  She'll never know what happened...

Besides, purple roses are way cooler than orange...

Thanks for stopping by,

Lizy B


  1. I have work shoes that look just like those....Love Brian

  2. I LOVE these! I can't decide if I like the roses or the buckles more -- they are both so fun!

  3. These are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am featuring you tomorrow... I love your cookies!

  5. Awesome! You are really rocking' the glitter and roses these days! I feel like I'm in Oz....

  6. These are absolutely awesome! If I get some extra time, I am definitely trying these! I love your colors. I pinned the orange ones. Hopefully you will get a lot of people coming to visit from Pinterest!

  7. I just found this blog and I LOVE your cookies!! Witchy shoes are Great!!


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