Monday, October 10, 2011

The FOUR Mummies

Once upon a time, there were 4 mummies...

The first mummy was cheerful because he came through a very important birthday unscathed.

His wife didn't write about him on her blog (even though she loves him very much and this was extremely hard to do), he didn't have to eat cake or open presents.

It was probably one of his best birthdays ever.

The second mummy was cheerful because he got to go to the super cool car show with the other cheerful mummy and look at guy stuff like engines and wheels....and bring home RC cars...

He also has a really great new 5th grade teacher who gives a normal amount of homework.
This means the mummy has a social life again and no longer hates school!

....and then there was the third mummy.

The third mummy was mad as heck because he had his tonsils and adenoids ripped out of his head.
This mummy decided life was miserable, and refused to eat or drink anything...
except diet coke.

No ice cream.

No popsicles.

Just diet coke.

He's really mad at his mom for letting this happen.
His eyes are crossed because 5 year old mummies get a little loopy when they have
 to take vicodin 4 times a day.

There should be a fourth mummy.

She's not here.

She might be hiding in the closet with the remainder of the vicodin 
until the whole thing blows over....

(someone let me know when its safe to come out...)

Thanks for stopping by,

Lizy B


  1. I'm so sorry to hear your little guy had surgery...tonsilectomy??

    Hope he feels bette soon so the fourth mummy can come out of hiding!

  2. Very Funny. Hope everything gets better soon.

  3. Super cute post. The mummies are as clever as ever and the back story is adorable. I hope your little guy is feeling better!

  4. So funny! I hope your little man feels better very, very soon!

  5. Your "hiding in closet with the remainder of the vicodin" made me laugh out loud! Hahahahah I love this post!!


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