Thursday, September 1, 2011

Last Days of Summer!

Seems like summer goes by faster every year!


Crazy isn't it?!

Our summer felt like a whirlwind.

We had pool days, and fevers, and lazy days, and fevers, and vacations, and .....
(starting to notice something?)

It was the summer of bizarre sickness at our house.
We've gone through more motrin and tylenol than I'd like to think about.

There was a bit of a family vacation thrown in there somewhere though....
anyone care to guess where we went?

We saw some of these....

....and a few of these...

...even got a little wet!

I absolutely, 'no way, not in a million years' did NOT wear one of these....

...although, I may, or may not, have caught my almost 11 year old watching them walk by....

Any guesses?

Thanks for stopping by!!
Lizy B

p.s.  So excited...guest posting for Frosting for the Cause on September 7th!!!  Can't Wait!!!
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  1. You have quite a talent! These cookies are the WAVES! Great job and thx for sharing, sorry for the late comment.

    Tea Party Tuesday link up is open again, would love to have you back!



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