Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sleepover Cookies and Makeovers!

Chevron Sleep-mask Cookies for Cassidy!!

I'll tell you about all the cookies in a minute, here's the backstory first.

For the longest time, I've been wanting to redo the look of my little blog.
She's growing up, she deserves a fancy logo, wallpaper, favicon, pretty sidebar links,
the whole nine yards.

Over and over, I would start the process of finding a designer and get so lost in the maze of websites that I would throw up my hands and give up.
On more than one occasion I have yelled in frustration said,
"I just need someone to email me and offer to redo this whole thing for me.
That could totally happen...right?!"

You want to take a wild guess what happened next?

seven thirty three

Kim from Seven Thirty Three blog design sent me an email wondering if I would be interested in a little 'cookie swap' of sorts.

Her daughter was about to have her first sleepover birthday party and she really wanted fabulous fancy cookies.  Kim has a busy crafty blog with lots of readers and...
"would you be interested in a write-up or....BLOG DESIGN?"


Someone emailed me and offered to redo this whole thing.

So, Kim is amazing.

You know how sometimes you think you know what you want, 
and then, someone gives you exactly that, 
and you realize that you didn't want that at all....
and now what do you do?

That was me, totally.

But she was super calm and patient.
Not once did she call me up and say I was a crazy, indecisive mess.

Then she magically created all this!

...and its perfect.

I love it.
I smile whenever I click on the blog and all that pink and navy pops up!

(I hope you like it too)

For my part of this project....

I got to make all kinds of cookies based on these gorgeous invitations she created.

She posted them as a free printable too!

Kim was open to anything but asked,
"Do you think you could do a cookie that matches the invite?"

I love those kinds of questions.

Y'all know I didn't stop there...

I don't think I could make just one kind of cookie if I tried.

I heard this was the only cookie that broke in shipping.
But that just made it the perfect taste-tester!

Cassidy is the birthday girl!

(Font is Little Days)

Kim put a sweet little heart by the 'PJ Party' on the invitation.

Happy Birthday Cassidy!!!

I hope you liked you pajama party Cassidy!!

I'm sure you did, because your mom is awesome!

Kim has lots of pictures of the party and all the great DIY touches she created.

Just to make sure there was peace...

I made cookies Cassidy's little brother and sister too.

Kim, I can't thank you enough.
Your design is gorgeous.
The installation was seamless.



(she even made that super cute signature down there!!)

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B


  1. Awesome. That's all I can say. :) You were great to work with and Cassidy and her friends (and their parents) were blown away with the cookies. They tasted SOOOO good. Seriously I had my fair share! LOL. Thanks again for making her birthday EXTRA special. :)

  2. this is great great - LOVE the look here - those cookies are beautiful!

  3. Wow
    These are stunning
    very very nice... wished someone did that to me :(

    check out my blog for some healthy goodies:

  4. Cute cookies!!! AND I am LOVING your new BLOG design!

  5. Looks great! And that cursive writing is the bomb! I find that more frustrating than a trip to the DMV!

  6. First of all I love the new blog design - so chic and great clean colour combination. I'm sure Cassidy and her friends were amazed by the gorgoeus cookies - what an original idea!

  7. Your cookies look beautiful! I found you from Mix It Up Monday Blog hop. I look forward to following you. I would love for you to check out my blog and follow me. Blessings Always, Diane Roark

  8. Lizzy, your cookies are wonderful !!
    Congratulations, they give me water in mouth !

  9. I was totally admiring your make over a bit ago so cute. And amazingly cool how it all worked out. Seriously I if only someone would email me to tell me they are dying to do my dishes with a sweet deal like yours that would be amazing. As always the cookies turned out fantastic!

  10. Love the new blog design, Lizy! Congrats! Super cute cookies too :)

  11. Hey Lizy! I am loving the new blog design! Super cute cookies!


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