Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Call of Duty Cookies

Call of Duty, Black Ops 2....Cookies.

That is officially the strangest sentence I've ever typed.

If you have a 'gamer' in your life, you most likely know about this game...and how it just came out a week ago...and it's the coolest thing ever...and about the map-packs and zombie gear...
and nuketown...

Oh my.

Like most mothers out there, I'm completely freaked out by the whole thing.

But if you can't beat 'em...join 'em, feed them cookies, 
and insist they have 'A's in all their classes if they are even
 going to think about turning on their Xbox on the weekends.

I thought I'd give you a little window into life with a tweenage boy, ready?

Me:  Hey Ethan, so this new Call of Duty game you're playing, what's it about?  
Is there a town that's been 'nuked' and are you guys running all over it shooting stuff after the war?

Ethan:  No, nuketown has nothing to do with Call of Duty.

Me:  but...What?  
Then why does is say nuketown on all the stuff, and there's even a missile in the '0'.
And there's a radioactive symbol.

Ethan:  Well...yeah. But there wasn't a war.

Me:  Then why is it called Nuketown?

Ethan:  It's a fake town where they test missiles.

Me: So nuclear missiles blew up everything and now you're running around shooting people?

Ethan:  Uh huh.

Me:...isn't that what I said?

Ethan:...(shaking his head and looking at me with pity) It's okay Mom.
The cookies rock.

Yup...that's life.

Now I'm thinking I should have made a Call of Duty cocktail for myself instead.

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Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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  1. Those are too cool and they look pretty darn yummy too

  2. My husband appreciates these cookies as well. Hahaha!

  3. I think your cookies would motivate me to get A's! :)

  4. Wow...awesome cookies!! Great job! <3 Heidi Rew from PartiesforPennies.com

  5. Very neat cookies! My husband is a bit of a gamer, but doesn't play this particular one - I've been spared! ;)

  6. Oh my, my little man would love these!!
    Yep, I was right.. Just showed him... "Those re cool!" was his response. You are so amazingly talentedI I'm in awe as usual..

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  7. Lizy B, you rock! My house has been taken over by the latest COD. Over Thanksgiving, my husband made t-shirts with their "clan" name for all of his friends/our kids. I must copy your cookies for my Xbox family!

  8. Hi Lizy! That first sentence made me laugh out loud. Love the cookies and think they would go over big with the little gamer who camps out in my basement anytime he gets permission.

  9. As a gamer (I play online with my hubby, brother and sister-in-law) I think your cookies rock! Awesome. :)
    And fyi: Nuketown is just a map they brought back and re-vamped from an earlier call of duty. ;) Much of the excitement is because it is now also a zombie map. ;) Most of the online maps don't have any kind of story behind them, they are just a place to go shoot people or zombies. ;)

  10. Im pretty sure I would get major brownie points (no pun intended) if I baked these for my hubby! He is playing that game as I type this haha! I would love for you to come and link this up at my link party this week! You can find it here:


    By the way - I'm your newest follower :)

  11. I have a COD lover in my home, I'm sure he would LOVE these. Your son sounds even more communicative than mine!

  12. cool! thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop.xo


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