Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jungle Safari Baby Shower Cookies!

When we left off, I had a jillion sports-themed baby shower cookies ready to go...
then I heard about a little switch up in theme.

These gals found super cute decorations and plates they couldn't pass up....
animal print baby shower decorations and plates.


I needed to incorporate jungle themed safari print cookies.

Admittedly, Katie was thrilled with all the sports cookies and didn't want me to change a thing.

But....I couldn't help myself.

They all worked pretty well together!

I had never made leopard cookies before, but I knew some really great ladies that had.

It was time to Google some tutorials!

I love Sweet Ambs video tutorials.

I watched her leopard print video a few times before tackling these.

So fun!

I love wet-on-wet designs for cookies.  

So that took care of leopard...but the plates were half zebra too.

One of the very first tutorials I ever watched was for Sugarbelle's zebra cookies.

Before that, I had no idea there were cookie ladies out there 
who showed you how to make cute cookies and wrote blogs with lots of pictures!

Way back when I made zebra print flip-flops...

But not this time!


Sugarbelle also has leopard tutorials,
one of which is for lingerie cookies with leopard details.

But that would have been more of a 
"Here's how you got yourself into this situation" baby shower.

Adding one more theme would have done me in.

So this little tale has a moral.

Lots of themes which seemingly don't work well together...CAN!

Just change up your colors!

Katie said the shower was lots of fun and the Mama-To-Be loved everything!


I promise that's it for baby cookies for awhile....
I have a few more but I'll save them for later.

It's Halloween time!!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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  1. You're a trooper! What an awesome set. The rattles are my favorites:)

  2. you are such a cookie rock star my friend. Love the onesies xox

  3. oh MAN i would have had a heart attack!! glad you were able to mesh the two together, and they turned out absolutely adorable!

  4. These are awesome! I had the same thing happen to me with I think the SAME plates! I was told a fun cutesy animal safari theme and specifically asked about animal print and we told no. Designed the whole set and they came back with this blue/black/white leopard and zebra print! Those plates must have sold out quick!! :)
    You're cookies are so lovely - great work!


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