Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Black Royal Icing

In the past 48 hours I've gotten 14 emails asking about black royal icing...
clearly Halloween is upon us.

So I thought I'd post my answers here, in case anyone else was wondering the same thing.

"How do you get your icing so black?"

Here's what I use.

Americolor Super Black.

Americolor comes in three sizes:
small, medium, and crazy cookie lady.

(Here's a link to the medium size)

Americolor Soft Gel Paste Food Coloring 4.5 oz. - Super Black

and since the season of Red icing is almost upon us,
I love the Super Red also.

Americolor Soft Gel Paste Food Coloring 4.5 oz. - Super Red

I start with about 4 ounces of regular royal icing in a glass bowl.

You can find my recipe HERE.

Squeeze in some coloring-that was the size of a lima bean before it spread out.

I spray one squeeze of water from the squirt bottle on the 
OPPOSITE side of the coloring.
(The water comes out quickly and will squirt the coloring right back at you!)

And mix-mix-mix!

Look!  A nice shade of....dark grey!

Don't add anymore gel coloring!!!

Don't do it!!

This will get darker after it sits, so wrap it up in saran wrap like Karen taught us all to do.
(She's brilliant!!!)

After about an hour this will be BLACK!

How Black?

Spidery black!

And Black as a Witch's Hat!

Here are some other posts from some great cookie friends about coloring your Royal Icing!

Happy Decorating!

Using Cocoa Powder to Make Black Icing-Lilaloa

Coloring and Preparing Royal Icing-Sugarbelle

(I can't wait to try Lilaloa's!!)

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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  1. Estupendo, ya podia haber sabido esto antes de hacer mis galletas, al final el negro de wilton no me gusta, necesitas mucho para conseguir esta tonalidad y el sabor es raro, por eso casi no lo he usado con la manga, mejor con el pincel. Un abrazo desde EspaƱa. http://lasdeliciasdepilar.blogspot.com.es/2013/10/mis-1-galletas-decoradas-para-hallowen.html

  2. Did you only add Super Black, black & red or did you add all of the colors on the cutting board?


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