Thursday, May 1, 2014

Flower Cookie Round-up for May Day!

Happy May Day Everyone!

One of my favorite childhood classroom memories would be making
 May Day baskets in Mrs. Beam's third grade class.  

The baskets were brown construction paper and the flowers were brightly colored tissue.
We spent quite a few days making them, 
and then on May 1st we secretly left them on a neighbors porch as a surprise.

Since I can't leave flowers on all of your doorsteps, 
I thought I'd bring a round-up of my favorite flower cookies to your internet porch!


Zinnias and Canning Jars by Cookies with Character

Painted Flower Bouquets by Arty McGoo

Painted Flower Tutorial by Ali Bee's Bake Shop

Hope you all get the chance to spread some love today.

Happy May Day!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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  1. Lizy B., you have just inspired me to get out of my comfort zone when designing flower cookies. It is so awesome to see all of the different techniques, styles and ideas in one place.

  2. I love your polka dot sunflowers! I remember making a May Basket at school too, hanging it on our front door, ringing the doorbell, and watching my mom come to the door, while I hid behind a bush:)

  3. Oh....they are all so pretty...I know any mom would be happy to get these...I know I would! Thank you so much for linking up at Party in Your PJs!

  4. Beautiful cookies I can enjoy without having to take Sudafed! Your work is always perfect Elizabeth :)

  5. Flowers and trees are probably my two favorite things in nature. What a great round up!

  6. Holy gosh, I can't believe you included one of my cookies! You're such a cookie superstar! :) lol. Thanks for the link love Elizabeth and I love that wet on wet technique you used in two of the flowers you showed. It has a great organic look that perfectly suits flowers!

  7. Such incredible cookies and work. And now my train cookies have been put to shame. lol Truly beautiful work!!!

  8. Such a BEEautiful collection! I vividly remember dashing madly behind a bush one May Day many years ago. I took my kindergarten teacher's instructions very seriously and didn't want to get caught leaving the little basket of flowers on my neighbor's doorknob. Scariest holiday ever. :D
    Beautiful cookies, and I LOVE those black and white polka dot centers on the sunflowers!


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