Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ethan B bakes?

When you do anything often enough (except cleaning), the kids always want to help you sooner or later.

My 10 year old, Ethan, loves to decorate cookies.  

Luckily for him...we usually have a couple (dozen) laying around, along with a few different colors of icing.  

Here's a picture of Ethan right after I told him I had a plate of cookies for him to play with AND he could take pictures...

"Um...I was thinking you could take pictures of the cookies..."


He sketched out his plans...and here are the masterpieces!

This first one is called....'French boy in French hat'

"See Mom he has a frame like a museum!"

Next we have....'Flower'

very appropriate name I think.

And the grand finale....'Screaming Monster'

Ethan would like everyone to know that the monster is 
sticking his tongue out so that he will not be eaten.

Thank you for attending the first ever 'Ethan B bakes' cookie exhibit.

(I think Ace of Cakes had better watch his back....just sayin')

Thanks for stopping by,

Lizy B
(proud mama)


  1. Nice cant wait for Jack B bakes. Or is he the clean-up man? Cyndi

  2. That is very cool. Nice work Ethan...Love the Hendersons

  3. Um..... Hi? (this is totally embarrassing)... Thank you for your notes but, really I was just having fun! And plus jack has a whole lot of catching up to do before he starts messin' up my Mom's cookies...

  4. Looking good! I like "French boy in French hat" the best (the title is almost as good as the cookie)!

  5. Those are amazing! My son would definitely be into the screaming monster Ethan thinking of opening up his own line? :)

  6. Great job Ethan!! Can you teach me how to make them?? Love you tons!! xoxo cin J

  7. oh my goodness..competition...
    very artistic!
    keep going ethan
    loved them all


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