Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Happiest Cookies on Earth!!!

Who knew blogger could break???
Not me!

Now that its working again (woo-hoo, great job techie guys!)...on with the show!

(where was I again...oh yeah, just finished princesses)

The next little gentleman on this adventure is 'W' and he loves pirates!

Pirates!!! Finally!!!  I love Johnny Depp pirates!

So what do we need for a fabulous piratey time?

You need little pirate faces!!!  AARRGGHH!
You also need swords, but only if you promise not to swing them at your cousin Cinderella!

This is Captain No-Beard and his twin brother Captain Smirk.

Every pirate has a map.....

....and you can't sail away to find the treasure without a ship!!!
(I have to give credit to my husband, Captain Iron-Beard, for suggesting the cannonball holes!)

I just like letters....

Here's the whole crew!!!

These are my new favorite cookies ever....until you see tomorrow's!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Lizy B

yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me....


  1. OH my heavens, you are amazing!! I stared at these cookies for like 30 sec. so awesome I am so following you!! you have talent girl!! Hugs Anne..

  2. These are incredible! You are so talented!

  3. oh my gosh!!! just when i thought it couldn;t get any better!!!!
    you are amazing!!! j.

  4. Those are so amazing and detail oriented! How long does it take you to decorate them? I think Disneyland is going to be calling you up any day to open up a bakery!!

  5. Those cookies are unbelievable! I am drooling and overcome with jealousy! If I was ever able to come up with something even close to these I wouldn't let anyone eat them and would want to preserve them forever! Hah! Great job! I came over from the Sunday Scoop link party.

  6. This pirate series is absolutely fantastic! I love all the details! The sword, the sails, the different designs for the letters.... I could go on and on! Great work!

  7. They are just tooo amazing toooo eat...but way toooo delish, not to :) XOXO, cin J

  8. I LOVE the letters! It is SUCH a brilliant idea to incorporate the letter. And that "w" cutter is such a great shape! And the ships --- I LOVE YOUR SHIPS. They are amazing and perfect in every possible way!!

  9. My goodness, thanks everyone!!!

  10. I love, love, love! the pirate ships! Those sails! I loved the swords too=)


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