Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who's the smartest of them all.....

Goooooooood Morning Everyone!

I have a question for you all.  Really it's more of a little quiz.

The first person to correctly identify what this is, what country its from and spell it correctly gets.....

Eternal fame and glory!!!!!
(yeah I know....it's still a baby blog, no actual prizes yet)

OK.  Are you ready?  Sitting on the edge of you seat?

Here it is!!!!

Yes, it is a sugar cookie, but that's not quite the answer I'm looking for.....

On your marks, get set....GO!

(tap-tap...anyone out there....Is this thing on?)

Lizy B


  1. hello....Croatia! The crest from the flag. Yeah! I win....oh yea--I get to be the SSP of the comment board!!! (super smarty pants)

  2. 2 out of 3 so far....the super bonus point.....what's the crest called? (and how is it spelled.....)

  3. after extensive research, a few over-seas calls, the use of a translator....apparently my earlier reply was not complete. "Alex, What is a grb?" This should be a JEOPARDY question

  4. Awesome how a sugar cookie can make geography and know your country fun. Michelle


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