Monday, March 12, 2012

Brushed Rainbow Cookies!

You know that acronym


(keep it simple....silly)

I'm REALLY not good at that.


If one new kind of rainbow is good......
two is FABULOUS!

When I was thinking about ruffle rainbows....I also thought about brushed rainbows!

Wait!  I know what you're thinking...

"What the heck are brushed rainbows?!  I thought these were iced cookies?
Now what's she talking about!!!"

Brushed embroidery is a technique where you pipe a thick line of stiff icing,
 then knock it down using a damp paintbrush.
It's usually used for flowers.

Ali Bee has a great tutorial!

I have....sort of a tutorial....but with rainbows instead of flowers.

I cut out large circles, cut them in half and baked.

Iced with white flood icing and let dry overnight.

I got a little nervous about fitting in all six colors so
I used a technique that Sugarbelle uses.

I measured with a ruler,

then marked the icing with a push pin, 
making holes every 1/4 inch in from the top and sides.

I used a #3 writing tip and a number 8 filbert paintbrush.

The tip was damp, but not sopping wet

After piping the half-circle with icing, just smush it towards you with the brush.

I piped the line just outside of the first line of dots, 
making sure to cover them with the red icing.

The next line was piped right where the red ended so that the colors would overlap.

Just keep going with the rainbow!!

After the first cookies, I didn't poke anymore holes.  

I could tell the colors would fit, 
so I just used the previous cookie as a guide.

Then,  of course, we needed more clouds.

Hearts are very important.

Can't blow these out!!!

We MUST have plenty of sixes!
Can't let anyone forget how grown up Paige has gotten!!!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Miss Paige!!

Love, your future mother-in-law!

(a girl can dream...)

Thanks for stopping by,

Lizy B


  1. Hi Lizy!

    The candles are really cute and I like the brushed rainbow stripes... but LOVE the ruffled ones from the other day.

    I have been wondering... are these as delicious and they are pretty? They really do look as if they would be!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  2. These are lovely - I've only ever seen that technique on flowers but it's perfect for the rainbows!

  3. These are beautiful!! I have linky party tomorrow if you'd like to share :)

  4. These are beautiful!! I have linky party tomorrow if you'd like to share :)

  5. Be still my heart! These are lovely!! I say this all the time when I am here, but you are one of the best. I want to order some of these!! HA! I hope the leprechaun brings you some gold!

  6. WOW! These are some of the cutest cookies I have ever seen, fantastic job!

  7. Such a beautiful set. The brush technique is so effective with the rainbow & your candles are FAB!

  8. Oh these are just SO fantastic!

  9. You know I stumbled all weekend trying to create a design with the brush embroidery. I was about to send you an e-mail and ask if it might be the brush I am using. Now that I see yours in the picute, I'm heading out to the craft store :)


  10. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing @ Manic Monday.

  11. WOW! I love these!! And I love the "you future MIL"...cracked me up:) We have a link party on Fridays...would love it if you shared this!


  12. these are just wonderful, great job!!

  13. This is SO AWESOME... My daughter *Emmy* is going to turn 6 in May... And she *LOVES* RAINBOWS!!! I am going to steal this idea from you and make her some rainbow cookies! Thank you so much for posting this! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  14. I have to know... where did you get your alphabet letters and the candle cookie cutters? I'm trying to find them on the internet... and I am having no luck. Thanks!

  15. Hi, visiting from Sundae scoop.
    I LOVE your heart cookies with just a drop of color, genius ! simple and beautiful. Makes me want to go and decorate cookies !!!
    Virgnie @

  16. All of them are simply adorable! Thanks so much for sharing at Mix it up Monday! I hope you'll stop back soon :)

  17. You are a baking goddess! All of your cookies are so beautiful... each its own little work of art! Thanks so much for sharing at our Uncommonly Yours link party! Hope to see you next week!

    Take care,


  18. I'm so glad that you shared these at Whimsy Wednesdays at The NY Melrose Family. I adore these cookies and they will be featured next week so make sure to stop back next week and grab a featured button!

  19. Love this! We just posted our Kitchen Fun and Crafty friday link party and would LOVE for you to share this! We have also included a Sugarlicious giveaway!

  20. WOW!! These are incredibly beautiful! I'm absolutely blown away... I've always loved rainbows. Great tutorial, too! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  21. Love the interesting texture you made in the rainbow frosting.

  22. These are amazing. I wish I had the time to do things this fabulous.

  23. Johanna @JohannaShuMarch 18, 2012 at 7:50 AM

    Oh wow speechless! looove it!

  24. These are so stinkin' pretty! Pinned!

  25. These cookies are beautiful. I love the brush embroidery technique but I've been to intimidated to try it.

  26. Congrats your cookies are featured today at Mrs. Foxs Sweet Party :) You are so very talented!

  27. Hey Lizy! These are super cute and look delicious too! I love sweets and I love rainbows. Earlier this week on my blog I did a post about pretty bright colors, and in the post everything was all rainbow colored. I kind of have a color theme going on at the moment and I thought these would be perfect. Would it be okay with you if I did a feature post about them? I will definitely include a link so my readers can come and visit and follow your awesome blog.



  28. Drat! Drat! Drat! My daughter is having a rainbow party and I had planned on trying to keep it simple too.... That was until I saw these. I am going to have to try them.

  29. So, I made them. No where near as good as yours but it worked well, thanks.

  30. Thank you, I made them and although nowhere near as good as yours I am happy with the way they turned out.


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