Monday, April 2, 2012


I posted this last year back when I only had 3 followers....

and its still my favorite Easter memory.


How do you know when your friends 
stop being just friends and become your family?

There definitely comes a day when you realize 
they are a part of all your most important memories.

In our house, 
it also seems to have something to do with everyday vocabulary and conversation.

  • We don't eat crispy tacos, we eat 'Christy Tacos'.  (flour tortillas, hot oil, all kinds of good things going on inside)
  • You need a super-deluxe, squisheroo, pick-the-munchkin-up-off-their-feet kinda hug?   That's a 'Christy hug'
  • What does Jack say when he's looking at the ceiling during a thunderstorm?  "Mommy, we should call Mr. Brian and thank him for making the rain stop in the living room!" (long story for another day-and yes, he says this every time it rains).
  • If something needs fixing in the house, and Daddy is thinking about it a little too long without actually picking up any tools, the boys say "let's call Mr. Brian, he'll know what to do!".   Ethan will even bring the phone.

Really, I could go on and on all day....
but its Easter time, so I'm thinking about this...

Ethan was 20 months old at the time, 
and it was Easter morning.

I was inside making breakfast and Joe and Ethan went out to get the newspaper....

and then I heard the giggles.

The doorbell rang furiously and I saw...


Absolutely the cutest thing I had ever seen.

So I said (quietly), "Joe, when did you do this?"

He shook his head and said, "wasn't me, I thought it was you."

Ethan LOVED it...(so did I)

After a few moments of thinking there really was a giant man-sized bunny running around town, we started thinking about who could have done this.  

We checked with the most obvious people first, our neighbors...nope not them.

You might be thinking 'didn't they know it was Christy and Brian right away?'

We didn't.  You know why?  

They live a half an hour away!  
They drove all the way over in the middle of the night
 just so our munchkin would have a surprise in the morning....

And....the tradition stuck.

The bunny that visits our house seems to have shrunk a bit and has moved to the backyard
 (this works out better when mom remembers at 10 p.m.
 and is already wearing pajamas-no need to scare the neighbors).

He comes through the back fence,
 hops along the cement to our back door, 
then disappears under the side fence to our neighbors yard.  

I giggle hysterically while I'm doing this...
its absolutely my favorite holiday tradition.

Thank you Christy and Brian (and Reece and Paige)! 

 This is just another way you've brightened our lives!!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Lizy B


  1. I've never seen this idea- thanks!

  2. LOVE that story! How sweet of your friends to drive all that way for a nice surprise.

  3. What a lovely story - I love it when something becomes a family tradition and the bunny prints are just wonderful. Children remember things like this forever.

  4. What a lovely idea. It's so nice that this has become your family tradition. It will probably be passed down the generations!

  5. Absoultely the cutest Easter idea I have seen in a long time!!


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