Thursday, July 26, 2012

How To Use a Cookie Tutorial!!!

Okay, so you've been reading lots of cookie blogs and you've learned a thing or two.


You've used what you've learned to make some super cute new cookies!!!

(Woo-Hoo!  Good For You!)

(I used FABULOUS tutorials by Sugarbelle, The Bearfoot Baker and Lilaloa....
more on them later!) what do you do?

The questions start forming...

1.  "Can I post these pictures?"

2.  "Do I need to say that I used a tutorial?"

3.  "How do I let people know that I used a tutorial?"

4.  "Did the baker who posted the tutorial already give me permission to make these cookies and publish the photos, just by publishing the tutorial?"

Well, there aren't any easy answers, and I'm certainly not the expert, but I would say...

1.  Yes, with some extra words of thanks.

2.  YES!!!!  (it's the right thing to do)

3.  Lots and Lots of links to the original tutorial and website!

4.  Make...Yes.  
Publish as your, no.

Do tutorial writers want you to use these posts and pictures to make your own cookies? 

That's why we write them!!!  

We love making cookies, and realize that for new decorators
 (and experienced ones) some techniques are daunting.  

We LOVE to help and answer cookie questions.  

(quite frankly, we could talk about cookies all day long and these blogs 
save our friends and family from having to listen to us babble)

If you're not sure when to give credit, think of it like a research paper.

There's always a bibliography, and sometimes footnotes, 
giving credit to the original idea, author and source of information.

Here's how I like to do it....

Did I use a tutorial?

Yes I did, in fact, I used three!!!!

Thank you Sugarbelle, Bearfoot Baker, and Lilaloa!!!!

okay, did you notice that?  

I mentioned the tutorials, thanked the bakers by name, 
and then created links to their blogs when you click on their names.  

If I knew how to do image-mapping, I would create a link on the photo.  
Something Swanky has a tutorial for that!

A few weeks ago Sugarbelle and The Bearfoot Baker created tutorials 
on creating a 'cake on a cake stand' cookie by using two different cutters
 and piecing them together.  

These are two of my favorite bloggers and bakers. 
 I always learn so much from them!

(plus, they are super nice in real life too!)

I made sure I said which part of the cookie they helped me with,
and provided links to the exact post 
so that my readers know where to go to learn the same thing!

I've done candles before and I usually use a wet-on-wet technique
to achieve the two-toned flame.

But these are little tiny candles.

No room for a wet-on-wet fill here!

What to do?

Hmmm...didn't I see Lilaloa do something like this with her candy cookies?

I sure did!  

Lilaloa is another favorite of mine.  
Not only does she make beautiful cookies, she is hysterical!

I always enjoy her writing and often laugh out loud reading her words.

I changed this technique a little by putting yellow and orange 
side-by-side in the same icing bullet.  

I was feeling lazy. It was the very last step before finishing these cookies.

 I think it worked out great!!!

Even though I changed the method a little, 
I still got the idea from Lilaloa and made sure to tell everyone!!!

I also emailed these ladies, letting them know I would like to use their tutorials in a post and got their permission to do so.

So there you have it.  It's not hard really.

1.  Just say thanks!
(who doesn't love a thank you)

2.  Make sure to add links to your posts so that your readers 
can have access to the same great tutorials you learned from!!

3.  Email the blogger you learned from.

It's not always necessary to get permission beforehand (although its nice), 
but definitely send the blogger an email with the link to your post.  

By doing this, you are making sure they know you gave them credit
 as well as giving them an opportunity to request that you change a link
 or make a correction.  

Who knows, maybe they need to give credit to someone for teaching 
them the same thing and want to make sure that baker gets a 'shout out' too!

(Added'll most likely make a new cookie friend!
Most cookie people are super nice...
how can we not be, we play with cookies all day!)

Thanks again ladies for all your help!!!

Are you wondering why there is a '100' on that cake up there?

Because the birthday girl turned 100!!!!

Happy Linking!!!!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lizy B


  1. Hi Lizy!

    It's great that you have shared the importance of linking back to the original source. Kudos to you!

    We all love to share wonderful pictures and fun new ideas and projects but it is never cool to deliberately take credit for someone else's creativity and hard work.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  2. Great attribution tips! I love the cookies, too, soo pretty! I have a 101 year old neighbor who lives across the street and lives alone. He is an inspiration.

  3. Great post! I think these are questions everyone has when they're getting started. P.S. The cake cookies are beautiful! I love the different textures you incorporated.

  4. I feel certain that these rules apply to Facebook as well! I don't have a blog, but I do try to always note who's the designer in my cookie photos there and (now, thanks for the reminder!) have a link to their Facebook page.

  5. These cookies are super cute.. Thanks for linking up at Friday Fun Party. Have a nice weekend. :)

  6. Such cute cookies!!!

    Carsedra of:

  7. Yep, these ARE SUPER CUTE COOKIES! They are gorgeous and certainly will make any birthday girl happy! Thanks for all your input on this issue. Now it's time to send Glory (Glorious Treats) an email. I did link to her in my most recent post, but didn't think to let her know through an email~good idea:)

  8. These cookies are super, super adorable. The color combo is a favorite of mine.
    Regarding the tutorial, very well said, always link.
    Thank for sharing

  9. I am so glad you did this post! You are so sweet to take the time to teach us all about how to share. It always makes me happy when people link because I get to explore a new site and find incredible new things to make and share! You are amazing my friend!!!!!!

    PS- Thanks for the link;)

  10. You are amazing! This is the best tutorial about tutorials I've ever seen. I enjoyed SLO so very much and thought of you often while I was there! I was hoping to see women dressed in black masks :-). My favorite was Morro Bay. What a dream! I'll be emailing you soon! Miss ya!

  11. Great post!!!! I totally agree with you. I post like all over my site and people enjoy looking at other blogs. They may end up finding something that they didn't know existed. Thanks!!!!!!

  12. Very informative post! Thank you:)

    Cute cookies by the way!:)

  13. These are adorable...and a 100th birthday???? That is something to celebrate! Great post...

  14. I like those cookies very much, to turn 100 years old, WOW!

  15. Your cookie creations are awesome!

  16. amazing... You are super creative

  17. Thanks for clearing all of this up for us newbies! I will definitely follow these great tips in the future! BTW-New huge fan.


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