Monday, August 6, 2012

Bookish Charms, Mischief Managed Cookies and The Giveaway That Kept On Giving....

We are HUGE Harry Potter fans in our house.


Have I not mentioned that before...?

Want to know how much we love Harry Potter?

This much....

Look at the munchkin!!!!

We enjoy the movies, but I'm partial to the books myself.

Ever since I was the munchkin's size, 
bookstores and libraries have been my happy place.

Now that I'm older, 
I've added the blogosphere to my happy place list.

Where else can you find people that write about cookies and crafts and books....

and even make cookies and crafts about books!

So...around the time I made those Hunger Games Cookies...

I found the blog Rae Gun Ramblings.

Marissa writes about books and crafts and cooking...all kinds of fun things.

(She also has a darling etsy shop filled with the cutest munchkinwear)

One day, Marissa was hosting a giveaway by Bookish Charms.

(I know this is getting confusing but I'm getting to the good part, I promise!)

Entering the giveaway was done in the usual way...

"click over to Bookish Charms and leave a comment stating
which charm you would choose!"

So I clicked....

.....and fell down a rabbit hole.

Erin (she's on facebook too) makes handcrafted jewelry for the bookish.


The best quotes from our favorite escapes....
...Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Austen, Alcott, Shakespeare....

But I instantly knew which one I would pick if I won....

and I did!

I was so excited when it arrived!

I opened it up right away!

Oh!  I hoped the necklace was just as perfect!!!!

It was!!!!!   Yipee!!!

Wait a minute.


Now really.....

 was just screaming at me......

It HAD to be a cookie.....immediately.

A match made in heaven.

(Thanks Erin for letting me use your design!!!!)

If you are a Harry Potter fan, come back all this week.... didn't think I would stop at just one Harry Potter cookie, did you?

(I solemnly swear that I am up to no good........)

Thanks for stopping by,

Lizy B


  1. I love, love it! I'm a huge Harry Potter geek myself, but I might have a hard time eating this since it's so pretty!
    Congrats on the win, and I love the saying you chose!!!
    I really don't like plugging my blog in a comment on someone else's, but I think you're as big a fan as me so you might enjoy my Harry Potter Script Wall post.
    Check it out if you feel so inclined.
    Nice work!!

    ~ Jeannine

    1. Love a Harry Potter link....headed there now!

  2. Love that cookie! I love Marissa too - she asked me to guest post for the Hunger Games when I was a new blogger. She is so sweet and talented :)

    1. She is great!!! ....can't say at the moment what I'd like to say about Erin, don't want to spoil the surprise! She is not only talented but so generous with her time!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. We are huge Potter fans here...missing those midnight book parties.....can't wait to see what awaits...

  4. Your little munchkin is adorable! I LOVE the Harry Potter outfit! Congrats on winning that great necklace and your cookie is a perfect match! You are amazing:)

  5. what an adorable Harry you have:) love the cookie design - you are truly amazing

  6. Our entire house is Harry Potter crazy. Your cookie design is spot on!

  7. I *LOVE* that cookie! Your little Harry Potter fan is super cute too :)

  8. Your cookie is spot on, but your Harry Potter munchkin is my favorite part of the post!

  9. Beautifully done! It is just lovely and your tiny boy is adorable. Thanks so much for linking and congrats on your win!

  10. I'm so glad we found each other. I love that you won the giveaway, you never know if people just enter because they want something free it's always awesome when someone who really appreciates the prize wins! I love those cookies, both the human one and the edible one, too cute!

    rae gun ramblings

  11. LOVE Harry Potter, and I would serioulsy die to have that adorable! You did such a fab job. I've had more than one HP themed party already and I'm sure I'll have more in the future. My friends and I are a bit obsessed.

    Lauren from

  12. This is AWESOME! Wish I had thought of this two years ago when we had my daughter's Harry Potter Birthday.. we are HUGE fans.. read all the books, seen the movies (bout 100 times) and went to Potter world.. You are a cookie genius! Oh and you are one lucky girl.. that necklace Rocks!
    Following you on Bloglovin!
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  13. Congrats on winning and I like what it inspired! Fun!
    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  14. What fun - I can't wait for my 3 year old to be old enough for HP.

    We are sharing everything Harry at this week's Empty Your Archive and I would absolutely love for you to link up all your HP posts - Alice @ Mums Make Lists


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