Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The One With The Scar....More Harry Potter Cookies

This is absolutely, hands-down, my favorite Harry Potter Inspired Design.

I can say that because I didn't come up with it.

When I asked Erin (of TheWanderingReader.com) if I could use her 

not only did she say yes....

She asked,  "Are there any other designs you'd like to use?"


(I tried to keep it to a couple, but it wasn't easy)

This bookmark was the first item I spied.

...is there a 'cookiefy' spell?


Then I saw the Expecto Patronum bookmark!!!

I knew it would be the perfect cookie to paint.

I try not to play cookie favorites....but....

Sometimes you can't help it.

It's like a perfect little Harry Potter cookie family!

Now, remember all these cookies were for Hannah.

Hannah, like almost every other girl around her age who loves to read,

also loves the Twilight books.

I'll admit it, I've read them and loved them too.

Edward is certainly swoon-worthy,

but he's no Harry.

I'll take a magic wand over eternal youth any day.

 Pretty much says it all.

I told Erin the whole long, sordid story of why I was making all these cookies. 

(I figured she'd appreciate a Harry Potter cookie party since she loves books so much.)

Know what she said?

Any guesses?

She said.....

"Would you like me to come up with some party printables 
that you could use for your party?

Maybe you could share them with your readers afterward, 
do you think they would like that?"


Free Harry Potter Inspired Cupcake wrappers, Cupcake Toppers and Water Bottle Labels

in the next post!!!!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lizy B


  1. Oh my! I love Harry Potter!!!! These are amazing!

  2. Gorgeous cookies! Can't even imagine the work that went into them-enjoy:@)

  3. These are fantastic! But I think my fav is the 'up to no good' cookie.....I always liked that in the books! :o)

  4. I am thoroughly enjoying "Harry Potter week" lol. Can't wait to see more!

  5. Those are so adorable! I like all of them!

  6. I have't enaught words in your lenguage to express how wonderful are your cookies. I never tire of watching them...
    Thanks for showing us your work.

  7. These look amazing - would love for you to link them to my Craftastic party:)

  8. These are wonderful and Erin sounds great!

  9. I think you picked awesome designs! Can't wait to see the printables!

  10. Although that cookie with the lightning bolt IS INDEED amazingly cute...I have to admit....I'm a Twilight lover ;)

  11. once again you amazing me. I love love love these! Erin's necklaces are so great too. I think I need a cookie since I've got the bling to match it. just sayin

    rae gun ramblings

  12. I have seen quite a few Harry Potter inspired recipes and crafts over the years and this is one of the more impressive ones. It is simple, but neat and classy.

  13. These are just gorgeous! And the free printables sound exciting too!


  14. So fantastic.....simplicity rules!

  15. haha So cute Lizy!!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  16. Your cookies are amazing. I have a SMALL Harry Potter obsession. I've pinned this on my All Things Harry Pinterest board and I'm also now a new follower on Blog Lovin. I host a link party each week and would love to have you link up the posts of your amazing creations. The link is: http://www.mylifesatreasure.blogspot.com/2012/08/our-favorite-things-link-party-10.html
    Have a great week!

  17. So beautiful! I LOVE HP and these cookies are right up my alley!

  18. Wow, what an amazing job on the cookies! They turned out beautiful. Thanks for sharing at Creative Thursday this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

  19. You've done it again! They are all pure MAGIC! Love, love, love 'em!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  20. I just wanted to let you know I featured your post as one of my favorites on my Our Favorite Things Link Party - Thanks for posting and I hope to see you again this week.

  21. Your cookies are amazing, these are awesome!!!!!! What a great idea!!! So beautifully done!


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