Monday, January 21, 2013

London Cookies...The Inspiration!

One of my blogging goals for the next year 
is to write posts answering questions that I get by email or in the comments section.

If you ask a question in the comment section, 
make sure you aren't commenting as a 'no-reply' blogger.  
I respond to all your questions directly, but I can't if you don't leave your email!!!

One question I get quite a lot is:

"How do you come up with your ideas for cookies?"

Today I'll walk you through the design process for yesterday's London Cookies!

Here goes!

Shona knew she wanted something 'Englandish' since that's where she's from.

"......and maybe a taxi or phone booth or something...some Union Jacks?"

That's a pretty good jumping off point!
(sometimes things aren't so easy)

If I'm mostly chatting with someone through email or on the phone, 
I like to create a pinterest board full of ideas that we can both see.

Pinterest Board-London Calling

Shona took a look and let me know her favorites (and her not so favorites).

This time we both loved the same images!!

This digital clip art set is called British Invasion.

It's by Clementine Digitals on Etsy (she's fabulous).
She has super darling Valentine's Day owls too!

When you buy her clip art, it includes a commercial license, which means I can use it for cookies.
(I still emailed her and let her know my plans and thanked her for being so talented!)

I'm always thrilled to buy from Etsy.
So many talented artists to be found...

The rest was just decision making...

I knew right away I would do Union Jacks in heart and flag shapes...
these are painted on with food coloring.

Shona loved the idea of her signature on a cookie, 
and I loved the air mail envelope in the clip art set...

Here are the taxi and phone booth she asked for...

From there I just filled in.
Added a plaque cookie with a message.  

I just happened to love that umbrella....and I love to add minis.
Her initials worked will with a little mini envelope.

And that was it!!
Not too stressful!

Not a bit of panic...unlike those fish cookies!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for 'Take-A-Peek' Tuesday!!
Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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  1. Such a great idea using clipart. Love the mini envelopes!

  2. so fun seeing a peek into your process! And of course the cookies are darling

  3. They are splendid, pip, pip, and well done. Love the bumbershoot ( umbrella), giggle. xo

  4. For some reason, I got the idea a few weeks ago to check out clip art on Etsy and now I'm in LOVE :) There are so many cute ideas!! I bought three Valentines clip art sets already :) Love how you share your ideas and tips, and your cookies are amazing as always!

    1. I fall down the Etsy rabbit hole pretty regularly these days!

  5. Oh those are adorable! I love your blog!


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Thanks everyone!

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