Sunday, January 27, 2013

Simple Valentine's Day Cookies!

Valentine's Day is coming!

It sneaks up on me every year.
Why is that?

 I made these little lovebirds last the last minute.
So they've stayed in the photo file 'til now..

These couldn't be simpler to make.

Only one color of flood icing!

A little pink, a little orange instead of red.

Oh Sugar Events! made GORGEOUS lacy, ruffly hearts last year for Valentine's Day.

Go look...they are to die for!

I was obsessed by those and had to give them a try for myself.
(I think I need a little more practice...I'll try them again this year)

I'll be getting on the love train now...more love cookies to come!

Hugs to you all!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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  1. So pretty! I love them. Pinning!


  2. Very beautiful and sweet!

  3. Very pretty! Love the printing (conversation hearts, elevated!) and ribbon!

  4. I love these cookies! So perfect. That font choice was a nice touch. It's simple, yet so very elegant.

  5. I love the lacy ruffle! I really need to attempt that technique! Beautiful set!

    1. thanks Sue! Oh Sugars! are amazing!!! I still need some practice!

  6. gorgeous as always friend. I think I need to have a cookie party so can start putting all your awesome tips to use since I highly doubt that these would be simple for me

  7. Lizy,
    Those are beautiful, they look to good to eat!!! I'm hosting a Valentine Craft Party and would love for you to link up your Valentine projects!!

    Just follow the link..........



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