Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Take-A-Peek Tuesday! The Drawer of Many Colors!

My Dad has a saying...

"If one is good...more must be better!"

I seem to have taken this to heart.
Whether it's cookie cutters, spatulas or sprinkles, 
as long as it has a purpose...I keep buying them.

Which is why I have a drawer that looks like this...

As long as it closes its all good, right?

Let me show you where to find it in case you come over one day to bake.

It's directly across from my 'icing mixing spot'.  

Remember how I told you I organize because I can be a bit lazy?

I pull the drawer open when I start to mix and just reach down behind me for the colors I need.

Spatulas are on the counter above the drawer, just grab a clean one each time I change colors.

I'm right next to the sink, which has a bowl of hot soapy water to drop
messy spatulas into.

The trash can (for toothpicks with food coloring or used saran wrap) is in the
 drawer directly under the counter

Basically...I look like a crazy basketball player pivoting on one foot 
trying to make a shot saying "does this blue look like the sky to you?"

Oh my.

Here are my favorite things in the drawer...

1. Wilton food color paste.  
2.  Americolor food color gel.

For coloring royal icing I prefer Americolor over Wilton, mostly because of the squeeze bottle.
No matter how careful I am, scooping color out of those 
tiny Wilton pots with a toothpick makes a mess.

However, Arty McGoo says that Wilton works best for painting on cookies.
And y'know, when Arty McGoo talks.....;)

So, that little palette that I use for painting on cookies ONLY has Wilton on it.

There are a few colors of Wilton's that I love, golden yellow, moss green and juniper green.
Americolor makes the best green in the whole wide world-electric green!

3.  These are mostly extras. 
Some petal dust, unopened disco dust, I see a coupler that popped over the edge 
and a plastic tip that came with a squeeze bottle which I can't bear to throw away.

4.  Wilton couplers that I keep for emergencies, large tip covers and 
silicone cupcake liners that I've never used.

5.  Disco dust!!!  

 I had to have it!  

AND I had to have the little baby shaker bottles to put it in.
(no...haven't used these either)

6.  Measuring spoons!

This drawer is below the mixer, so I keep a few spoons in here to grab 
when I'm adding corn syrup or vanilla to royal icing.

The tubes are ck food coloring gels.  
Not my favorites.  I seem to need an awful lot to get a deep color.

That's dry red and black food coloring powder in the upper left of the section
(also unopened-I'm starting to notice a pattern).

7.  Ateco Couplers!

Sugarbelle says they're the best and she's absolutely right!!!

What else....extra food markers and a candy dipping tool and oh! 
An extra boo-boo stick!
I've been looking for that!

8.  Offset spatulas of all sizes!
Great for everything.
Looks like a couple of measuring cups and extra toothpicks too.

And that's it!

But that's a lot!!!

Just about everything in this drawer can be found at either
Karen's Cookies
Sweet Art Country Kitchen

...except the drawer divider.
That came from Target 6 or 7 years ago.

I did spot a similar one at Amazon...

                                      Totally Bamboo Expandable Utility Drawer Organizer

I'll be spending the munchkin's spring break watching them run around and editing a jillion photos!

Lots and lots of cookie pics to come!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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  1. Nice Peek, Elizabeth! I love Electric Green also! :)

  2. I LOVE seeing how you organize everything, Elizabeth! You are my organizing idol :)

  3. Our dad's had the same philosophy! One's good but two's better! That made me smile today...Thanks for sharing!

  4. So jealous. How deep is that drawer and how do you keep the Wilton from getting icing all over the bottles and hence drawer? Love that drawer. It seems I have a divided drawer too but full of cooking junk that i dont use often. I'd love to convert over! And how do you put the writing and arrows on your pix? Photoshop? Love it! Thanks for the peek!

  5. Ooh I LOVE colors, so that drawer is right up my alley! I need to get in my craft "room" (shed) & make it happen with my paints!

    Visiting from TOO Cute Tuesday!

  6. Your drawer is so organized. Now I feel like I have everything spread out across the kitchen/house. I agree-squeeze bottle coloring is so much better. I feel like I waste so much from the Wilton jars with endless dabs back into the jar with a new toothpick.

  7. You are so organized! I love your drawer of many colors!

  8. I just found blog after reading a comment you made on "The Pin Junkie". (Thanks for signing with your address, btw)
    I enjoyed reading this post and following along with the pictures. You write as if you are telling a neighbor about your adventures over a cup of coffee! It felt like a visit with a friend! Thanks!


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