Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Snowflake Cookies for a Frozen Movie Party!

So Olaf made an appearance the other day and introduced himself,
but he wasn't the only cookie I made for the Frozen Movie.
(he was just the most mischievious)

Tammy from Pink Peppermint Designs emailed me when she started planning her Frozen Movie Party and I couldn't wait to play along!

She asked for little 'build-your-own-snowman' sets for the kids to play with and take home.

I love the little bag she put Olaf and his parts in!

Tammy also asked for some sparkly snowflakes in navy and turquoise to match her background....

I love snowflake cookies....and snowflake cookie pops are even better!


Oh my word.

Never knew a snowman who liked having his picture taken quite so much.....

Tammy created beautiful printables for this party...
snowman hats for straws, invitations,place cards, labels, banners....

you can find them all in her shop!

Thanks Tammy for inviting me to play along with your girls!!

I hope they had fun!


I finally got the little guy in a box!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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  1. Gorgeous cookies!! They look too good to actually eat!

  2. you have outdone yourself! sooooooo amazing!

  3. These snowmen are such fun - GOOD job Lizzy!

  4. I love everything about that party Lizy! Olaf is adorable and seeing the little girl put him together is sweet and why I started decorating cookies in the first place! LOVE

  5. Totally awesome! I collect snowmen & Olaf is one I have to have.

  6. These cookies are so cute! We haven't seen Frozen but hopefully we'd get to watch it soon.

  7. Oh how I love your Olaf cookie (and all his parts:))! So cute!

  8. omygosh, i love your creations! and perfect since Olaf loses his parts all the time. So cool :)

  9. I love Ofaf and this idea Lizzy B!!! Can I ask what tip you use for his nose? Thanks so much!!!

  10. Love, love, love!!!! Where did you get the cute cookie box?


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