Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A little afternoon snack...

I was thinking about making cookies the other day (so maybe I think about this everyday) and I thought....

I've been making so many sugar cookies....the boys are probably pretty tired of them.

I really should make something else....

And then I giggled....

and I thought...'oh that would be funny'

'oh...that might really be cute!'

and then this happened....

Chocolate Chip Cookies!  and Peanut Butter Cookies!

but....hmm....missing something....what does this need.....

Oh yeah!!

Got Milk?

Thanks for stopping by!

Lizy B
(still giggling)

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  1. OMG ~ so darn adorable!!! ~ Lisa

  2. what a fabulous idea!! keep going!!! js

  3. Thanks ladies!!! The 'choc chip' ones turned out to be pretty yummy too!

  4. omg! These are beyond adorable! So clever...

  5. Oh my gosh. I am hopeless at making sugar cookies look this good! These are adorable! I'm sharing on my FB page!

  6. Thanks Lora and Carol!!! I wish I had remembered to add peanut butter flavoring to the RI on the PB cookies!

  7. Hey Lizy! These are cute!! You got some talent!! I'm a new bakie so for now I'm into cupcakes and cakes right now, but hope to one day make some of these!!
    Awesome creations!!!


  8. Thanks Yaneri! Can't wait to see what you've made!

  9. lol! how cute is that?? super cute! i found your blog from joy's and i love it!

  10. Thanks Katie! Love Joy's blog, I try to visit all the time!!

  11. And now I'm giggling too. Thanks for starting my day with a smile. #16

  12. Glad I could make you smile....but who in the world is #16? ooooh...a mystery!

  13. looks good! cin j

  14. Oh my goodness- so cute! Thanks so much for linking up Lizy. xo, Mique

  15. so stinking CUTE! one could NEVER get tired of your sugar cookies. Thanks for linking these little gmes to tea party tuesday!

  16. those are adorable nearly too cute to eat come see what I shared at

  17. so tiny and cute and fun and look tasty :)


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