Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My goodness......that went quickly.

Fourteen years ago today, Joe and I got married in front of 300 of our closest friends and family.
(The mass took an hour and fifteen minutes....we are REALLY married).

The church was beautiful, the party was fabulous.   Guests came from far and wide to help us celebrate and start our life together.

There are so many things you don't know the day you get married...and isn't that the biggest thrill of all?

The possibilities of what is to come.  The things you will see, the places you'll go, the sadness, the celebrations...and you know that everyday this person will be your best friend, biggest cheerleader and steadfast anchor.

So Joe, thank you for the past 14 years (and for all the years to come).  You have been the best partner in life I could ever imagine.

Thank you for our little munchkin.

Thank you for our rock star.

Thank you for date nights....

....and family nights.

Happy Anniversary Joe B!

Love ya somethin' awful....

Lizy B


  1. So sweet!!! Happy Anniversary Joe & Elizabeth, are you going to be celebrating at the baseball game tonight?

  2. The 14th year is the 'Little League' anniversary...right?

  3. 14 is just a number...
    especially when we have the rest of our lives together.

    Ja te volim puno puno

    Love, Me

  4. happy anniversary! hope joe's game goes well tonight.....I mean his softball game.

  5. that post was from brian....his comedy

  6. Happy Belated Anniversary to the best cousins ever!!! I was so glad to be a part of your special day! XOXO, Cin J


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