Friday, April 8, 2011

Save the Ta-Ta's!!!

Some of my very fabulous girlfriends are doing something AWESOME!

They have joined together to walk in the Susan G. Koman 3-day For the Cure this fall.

(60 miles, 3 days of walking, 2 nights CAMPING-yes these ladies deserve cookies!)

They are team........

Just love the name!!!

And who is on this team you ask?
Well let me tell you!

In this wait, wrong sport...

Our first lovely lady is Christy Thompson.

Christy is walking for her Mother-in-Law Carol, her "neighborhood mom" Melinda, her Aunt Darleen, and several other friends who are all breast cancer survivors.

Next, we have Lisa Capps and Gina Rosenwald.

Lisa is the team captain and has organized the ladies into action,
Gina is a 'first-time' walker and is very excited to participate!

Rounding out the team...Stephanie Vrabel and Dina Zapalski.

Stephanie and Dina are working hard, training and fund-raising for this great cause.

These wonderful ladies are proudly walking to acknowledge the challenges women everywhere have overcome while undergoing treatment and surgeries.

Together they have pledged to raise at least $10,000!  Wow!!

All these ladies deserve hugs and kisses and gratitude (and cookies) for their dedication and commitment!

They could also really use donations to help them meet their goal!!

All donations are tax deductible and its very easy to do.  Just click on the walker's name you would like to donate to.  The links will take you to their personal fundraising pages.

Thank you Christy, Lisa, Gina, Steph and Dina!  We're all so proud of you!

Save the Ta-Ta's!!

Lizy B

*A note for all the cookie bakers out there-
If you love the zebra stripes on these pink and white ribbons....please visit the tutorial I watched to learn how to make them.  

You can find it on one of my favorite blogs Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle.

She is absolutely the most amazing cookie decorator I have ever seen.
Martha Stewart has nothing on this fabulous lady....

Thanks Sugarbelle for all your inspiration!
Look for her camouflage ribbon cookies....amazing!!!!!!


  1. Thank you LizyB for the support! Love you!!! ~ Lisa

  2. that is SO amazing of them!! seriously.
    those cookies are super cute, too :)
    love your "if you are here, you are awesome" button on the side.

    p.s. i've never heard of godiva chocolate liquor.. i'm sure is delisshh!

  3. That adds a bit of fun and lightness to such a tough thing.


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