Thursday, June 16, 2011


The school year is finally coming to a close.


Jack's preschool is having a 'graduation' for the kiddos moving onto kindergarten and a parade for those who will be returning next year (Jack will be in the parade).

He's been practicing marching for a week.

Since every milestone is a cookie opportunity for mommy...I made treats for all the munchkins!


One for everybody!

I thought the teachers might appreciate something slightly more dignified...

Jack has two fabulous teachers.....

The jars are filled with mini flowers, leaves and monograms!

I really wanted to share a preschool picture of Jack.  I realize this is a christmas-time photo and not at all appropriate for the end of the year, but..... 

How cute is my little reindeer!!!

Have a great day everyone,
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Lizy B

Oh wait!  I changed the header again!  What do you think?
I think this one's a keeper!


  1. so so so cute! love the swirly lolly pop! you just keep coming up with great ideas.

  2. I thought the banner looked different! The sugar and cookie container looks fab! BTW, the year end swirly lollies are too cute=)

  3. love the new banner!

    ~ lisa, the flower girl

  4. Yum!! Thanks for sharing this at Savory Sundays! It looks great!!

  5. I just love the sprinkly swirls on the lollipops!

  6. Amazing ideas. Those lollipop cookies turned out so cute.

  7. I love the lollipop cookies! I am featuring them on my site today!

  8. Thanks everyone! Your words always brighten my days.

  9. I love those lollipops! They are perfect! Newest follower, please stop by and visit my site sometime...

    Happy New Year, Erika

  10. What cute cookies! The ones in the jar are awesome and so so adorable! Your kiddo has some lucky lucky teachers for sure! Great job!


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