Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What would you do...?

What would you do if your washer stopped working?

(Washing machine...not a washer that no longer comes to your house to wash things)

What if that washer stopped working the day before your son's big baseball game?

And then that boy gets really, really dirty and really, really likes towels?

How about when the machine part is finally delivered, and its the wrong part....twice?

And the warehouse doesn't understand why it won't fit...and tells the technician to try harder?

What if on the 14th day without that washer the technician says, "This issue will have to go to the research department" and makes your next appointment 10 days from that day?


You want to know what I did?

I made margaritas....

help yourself!  (just try not to spill...I'm out of towels)

Lizy B


  1. A big gulp of the real thing along with the cookies is what I would do! =D

  2. First, I would curse. Then I would beg and plead with my husband for a new washer immediately. The laundromat gets old, fast! Then sit and drink a pitcher of maggies waiting for the 10 days to pass by..."Nobody knows the trouble I've seen...."

  3. WOW!!! These cookies look GREAT! Super post..thanks for linking.

  4. I Love that you made cookies! In similar situations I've been known to have meltdowns that rival my six year olds!! Maybe next time I should try your approach :)

  5. Haha, love the story and a great way (great cookies) to deal with the stress of the broken washer and not so smart repairman/company!! LOL

  6. At least your cookies turned out great... Love them!

  7. Thanks everyone for the support in this drama...
    For those of you following along, part number three arrived in the mail yesterday....
    same wrong part. At least they are consistent....

  8. The cookies look delicious enough to drink! Call the president of the company itself, or log everything that's happened and send him a polite letter and see what he does...

  9. Too too cute. Love them. Stopped by from Katherine's.

  10. These are great cookies. At least they didn't break your spirit! Cheers.


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