Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ding-Dong! The Mailman's Here!

"Hey Jack!!!  I need your help!"

A little while ago, one of my favorite bakers 

showed us what came in her mailbox.

I loved reading it so much that I couldn't wait to do the same!

"Mom!  What'd you get?  Legos?"

"No honey, it's baking stuff"

"Oh, I thought maybe you ordered some legos for me."

"Nope, will you still help me open my package?"

"Sure!  That sounds like a great job!"

"Mom, are you sure its not a present for me?

It looks like a present in here....."

"No honey, no present."

 "These are those squeezy bottles you use, but they're baby ones!

Oh, they're so cute!"


"Don't you already have these?"

"I know buddy...I always need more."

"What's in here?"


"Look Jack, its the Eiffel Tower in France..."

"Are you sure?  I thought it was a shooter thingy..."

"Mom I think this shoe would fit me its so BIG!"

"I like this one best....what is it?"

"It's a hot air balloon!"

"Look!  I made a store!"

"Where are you goin' buddy?"

"Can I be done taking pictures now?"

"Of course honey, go have fun, thanks for your help!"

"You're welcome mom.  But next time I hope there's legos!"

Thanks for stopping by,

Lizy B


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Lizy he is the CUTEST!!! I love that "more cookie cutters" face! Adorable!!

    Congrats on the new supplies. Can't wait to see what you make!!

  2. Too funny! Sounds exactly like my Aiden! Thanks for sharing!

  3. So cute!!

    And I'm kind of drooling over all those PME tips :)

  4. What a great helper and a good sport!:)

  5. Oh I loved this!!! He is DARLING.....and what a great helper!!! And your goodies sure look like fun toys to me:)

  6. My favorite boxes indeed! And that yellow tissue paper totally gives it away to a cookier on where you got it! What stuff. Only a box from from Nordstroms would get me more excited!

  7. What a fun post! My boys love opening my parcels too. I love the cookie cutters...I've never seen a shoe cutter that big before!

  8. where did you get all the great stuff?


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