Monday, March 19, 2012

DIY Peeps Easter Bunny Cutter!

Who doesn't love Peeps!!!  I don't like them.

Please don't hate me...just not a raw marshmallow fan.

However,  give me a s'more made with a peep and I might bite off your finger.

Maybe that's why I've never made these before.  

 I just might be the very last baker to get around to them.

Until recently, peep cutters were hard to come by.  

Now I've heard that Peeps sells them online and

Copper gifts makes a gorgeous copper peep cutter called

the 'Bunny Bun'.  They even have different sizes!

I've put them into my virtual shopping cart a few times now,

 but they always seem to be the cutters that get left behind when I see my total!!

(copper's not cheap....)

So here we are again, it's Easter time, and I still don't have the right cutter...



Well we can't have that now can we...?

Time for a little creativity....and pliers.

I found this cookie cutter set at Wal-Mart, in the Easter candy section.

Jack and I were searching for something completely different

 and this jumped off the shelf at me!

I barely had it in my hot little hand when Jack said,

"MooooooooM!  You already have a bunny cutter!"

(some children are much too observant aren't they?)

So I explained to him...

"You know, you're right Jack, I do.  Look at the ears on this bunny though.  

They look a lot like something I need and don't have.  

I think I can turn this into what I need it to be."


...after mulling that over for about thirty seconds....

"Mom, can I get that star wars lego set with the clones in it.  

I know I already have it but I can mix up the clones and make new ones.  

I really need it so Ethan and I can have a battle and play together...."

(Little stinker...)

So here's the set that came home with us...

The ears looked just like the ears on a peep to me,

I just needed to get rid of the feet.

I flipped the cutter over 

and just worried about the shape of the edge that would do the cutting.

Its much harder to manipulate the folded/top edge!

It took about five minutes of smushing and pinching 

with a pair of needle-nosed pliers.

No more feet!!!

His cheeks are a little less pointy too.

What do you think?

(they're 4"inches tall, in case you want to make your own!)

Pretty Peepish I'd say!!!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lizy B


  1. Thanks for posting this! I too bought this set at Walmart the other day and I too have plenty of bunny cutters! So u will be making peeps cookies too.

  2. I love Peeps. I wish I was by a Wal-Mart I would have me some of them to make the little peeps with.

  3. So cute! They remind me of Sweet Sugarbelle's Peep cookies, which are also totally awesome! :)

  4. These are SOOO beautiful!!!! I don' like Peeps at all either, can't handle all that marshmallow, but LOVE these cookies! Just adorable! You are so talented!

  5. Love your cutter make over! Funny, I seem to buy Peeps every year, but never eat them, kinda use them as decorations. Now cookies...:@)

  6. You are a genius! Love that you made your own. And I LOVE your cookies. They are perfect! (I'm not a ppe fan either - unless it's globbed with chocolate!)

  7. Those are perfect, and so creative of you to restructure the cookie cutter! Good job! And thanks for sharing with Sweet & Simple Sunday!

  8. The peeps are perfect! And I happen to love peeps in smores, too! YUM!

    Hey.....did Jack get to come home with a new set of Star Wars legos? I think that was pretty smooth on his part.....wonder where he learned that!?!

  9. Oh, snap. He told you! :) You are a genius to think of bending that cutter. Love these cookies (way more than I would love to eat raw peeps).

  10. Love the step by step on the manipulation of the original cutter.....and u got to use a tool! Wooooohoooo hoo! Another adorable are amazing.

  11. I am SO GLAD to find another Peeps NON-lover. Your cookies are cute though, and GREAT JOB on the cutter reconfiguration.

  12. Lizy
    I saw your cookies on Crazy Sweet Tuesday and I think they are awesome! Love the peep idea and the pretty srpinkle colors. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Honestly I hate peeps :( BUUUUT these cookies are super cute!

  14. Great job on 'moulding' the cutter to your specific requirements - the cookies are very cute!

  15. Very inventive! Way to go. I don't like peeps, either, but I sure think they are cute. I would totally eat the cookie version ;)
    <3 Christina
    "Spring Fling" linky party now open!

  16. Oh, I'd love to comment, but since I'm so busy pinning this and getting out my keys to drive to Walmart I can't! :)

  17. great idea, and how can you say no to that little face!

  18. I'm a Peeps fan--big time! When I saw these cookies I thought they were Peeps. An exact replica in cookies. I think I would like the taste of these cookies a lot--especially with a hot cup of tea and those gorgeous little bunnies all sprinkled up. You did a great job resizing the moulds. Terrific job again!

  19. Thanks for your creativity and I will have to try this out for myself when I make these for my great grand children. :-)

    Thanks again,

    Grandma Kat

  20. WOW - that is a great idea!! Love it!!

  21. I think your brillant,, I was expecting to see the pic of the Star Wars figures too.. thanks for sharing

  22. Oh my goodness I totally adore your blog!! :) Seriously so cute! I am your newest follower. Please come on over and check out my blog if you like what you see I would love for you to follow me back.

  23. I dont like actual peeps, but your cookie peeps look delightful!

  24. These are too cute! Thanks so much for sharing at Mix it up Monday :)

  25. I can't stand Peeps, but I do LOVE a sugar cookie! These area the cutest!! I'm not handy so I may have to buy the actual cutter, but these are so great it'll be worth it. :)

  26. It's Thursday, but I'm just now reading blogs from Tutorial Tuesday links! I love Peeps (especially when softened in the microwave). But Peeps cookies look like fun! I hope Wally World still has those cutters. I'll check today! Thanks for the great idea and instructions!

  27. You are SO smart bending the cookie cutter! I would have never thought of that in a million years! We really appreciate you sharing this at our link party and can't wait to see what you are up to next week!

    Take care,


  28. LOVE these!!!

    Newest follower and just featured you on my facebook page!


  29. You're a genius! They are sooo cute!!!

  30. Featuring YOU today! :) Thank you so much for sharing at {wow me} wednesday!

    Ginger @

  31. These look yummy. Just found your blog its so fun.. Come and check out my blog

    Have a great day

  32. these are really cute, makes me hungry!

  33. I put the same cutters in my cart from copper cutters and just couldn't spend that much!!!! Thank you so much for your idea. I love peeps!! Great idea to shape your own. Perfect peeps. Thanks for saving me money! Sarah


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