Monday, May 13, 2013

My Favorite Cookie Font!

It's graduation season all over the country!

All month long munchkins and big people will be wearing those silly little flat hats and graduating!

Which of course means.....lots and lots of cookies!

These are a favorite of mine and I make them using Sugarbelle's tutorial.

Callye (Sugarbelle) is the queen of combining cookie cutters and 
changing their shapes to work best for her (and us).

I suck at it am not.

So, I'm always grateful for her posts about cutter shapes and uses.

I do, however, really REALLY like using all different fonts on my cookies.

I LOVE this one!

I love the little sideways 'O's.

And the 'G'!  It's hard to find a G that looks good in sugar.

It's called ENVIEW.....

You can find it for free HERE

I first started using it because it reminded me of the architectural lettering I had to practice 

foreeeevvveeer in college.


My hand hurt for the entire quarter.

It's kind of fitting to use a font that reminded me of college on a college graduation cookie...

I didn't over think that or anything, did I?



Congratulations Kristin!

You did it!

...and I made it through another graduation season without putting


on a single cookie!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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  1. great blog post, thanks! tried to download the font for free, but it wants $10 :(

    1. Ack! Okay...just fixed goes to fontpalace. Free is always better. If that doesn't work, just google "enview font' and there are lots of choices. Dafont is always a good one!

  2. I love that font too! Thanks for the link! Your piping skills are amazing.

  3. I wish I was as talented at decorating cookies as you! You are awesome! I am always in awe with your skills! I am visiting you today from Mop It Up Monday! If you would like to link up at my current party I would love to have you join!


  4. Your cookies are so cute! You are so right about the "g" looking good in icing. Thanks so much for sharing this adorable font with us.

  5. Amazing...your writing on cookies is always spot on! I struggle with this part of cookie decorating...I tend to break out in a cold sweat when a customer wants writing on their cookies! I firmly believe a lot of it is an icing "consistency" thing, but whatever it is, you nail it every time!

  6. Your writing is amazing. Thanks for sharing the font. Definitely gonna use it. It's so clean.

  7. That is truly a fabulous font! :) I'm always in awe of your perfect piping!

  8. I took that lettering class in college, thought it'd be an easy A....Ha! no such thing! I remember MAX Q VOYT the 4x4 letters.....I do love this font!


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