Friday, August 9, 2013

Surfboard Cookies!

Confession time....

I have never been on a surfboard.

I've lived in Southern California since the age of 7.
A good portion of those years were spent in a town that actually had the word 'beach' in it.

I don't think I've ever lived more than 20 minutes from the ocean....even during college.

Oh wait!

There was the year and a half that Joe and I lived in Texas right after we were married.

We were completely landlocked....
and I developed a strange obsession with lighthouses.


I bought lighthouse ornaments, plates, pictures, placemats, puzzles....very strange.

But then we moved home and the lighthouses were packed away.

But I still haven't been on a surfboard.

And I'm pretty okay with that.

The Pacific Ocean is cold!

I'm more of a 
'watch the waves while sipping a coconutty cocktail'
kind of a girl.

I'm also a sucker for a good beach movie...

A little love....some moonlight....a song or two.


Disney's new movie didn't have Elvis, but it was still pretty cute!

If you'd like to see how all these surfboards and flowers were turned into a super cute 
Disney Teen Beach Movie stop by Pink Peppermint Prints!

Click HERE

She even has great printables!!!

Our family will be leaving for an island vacation soon.

Maybe I'll finally get on a surfboard!

Okay, fine....we all know that won't happen.

I'll be the lady with the big ole sun hat, sitting in a lounge chair next to the pool, 
holding a fruity drink with an umbrella.

But I'll also have a fabulous view of the ocean!!!!

Here are some more fun beachy cookies!

Surfboards and Waves
Beachy Birthday Cookies
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Tropical Flower Cookies

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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  1. Such beautiful surfboard cookies! I loved them as the cake toppers:) Such pretty colors too. What a fun party!
    My husband has always lived near the ocean (grew up 10 blks. from Santa Monica Bch), and since we have been married this is the furthest he has lived from the beach (20 min. drive). He still surfs but has never recruited anyone else in our family(my son had a short surfing stint when he went to college in Hawaii), though many of us have been on the surfboard:)

  2. Your surfboard cookies are so cute! They are so cute with the matching flowers.

    I can't believe you have never been on a surf board. That is so funny. I tried surfing once and fell off the front of the board. A wave made the board go behind me into the waves so when I popped my head above the water, the board hit me in the back of the head. It was not fun! LOL Lets just say I will stick to wake boarding and water skiing! LOL

    Have a great vacation;)

  3. WOW. You have a real gift. These look soooo perfect. Great colors, smooth texture, just awesome! Great job!


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