Thursday, January 16, 2014


Love day is coming and so are the hearts!!!

Heart cookies are beautiful and don't need a lot of decoration to get their point across.

Sometimes they're a bit bossy....

....some are very chatty and talk all night...

...while others are quietly cute.

These like to go 'au natural'...

Some hearts belong to someone right from the start.

Unfortunately....some have a hole where they're not supposed to 
and are leaking all over the place.

...and that would be mine.

Yup, I have a leaky heart.

I didn't always have one 
(or if I did, it was so tiny that my doctors couldn't quite hear it)
but I do now, and it ever a doozy.

So that's where I've been for the past month or so.
I've had lots and lots of pictures taken of my insides.
Tests and measurements galore!

But these doctors aren't quite done yet.

My little leaky heart needs a fix 
(technically a mitral valve repair)
that is going to move me out of the kitchen for awhile.

I've got a couple weeks until it gets fixed.
But before and after, I'll be at home with my feet up,
 watching every single show Bravo has to offer 
and getting all caught up on my reading and photo editing!

Hopefully, I'll be spending some time here sharing lots of pictures with you all.
But, since I've never been through this before, I'm not sure how I'll be feeling.

So if I go missing for a bit again, now you'll know where I'll be!
Good thoughts, prayers and well wishes are always welcome!!!

Much love to you all!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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  1. So sorry to hear that, I hope everything goes well!

  2. Prayers coming your way for a quick recovery! I will be thinking of you :)

  3. So sorry!! I hope everything turns out great and you have a fast recovery!! Good luck!!

  4. I'm so sorry, Elizabeth, but I'm glad they found it and can correct the problem.

    Speaking from experience on resting after a surgery.......once the pain is relieved, you'll find you fast get antsy from laying around and "doing nothing". I've had 8 foot surgeries......and as a young mom with lots of kids, I would fantasize about how awesome is was going to be to lay in bed and watch movies and organize my recipes and plan cookies and......and....and. But the reality is that after a day or two all you can think about is getting up and wanting to "be normal" again. Just taking a walk around the block sounded heavenly!

    But do your best to enjoy it......knowing that the better you rest and take it easy, the better and faster you heal. :) Think of it as a "vacation" of sorts, haha...... You are in my prayers. ♥♥

  5. Lizy! Lot of prayers from Poland! Get well soon!

  6. Prayers being sent your way! We will all be thinking of you and awaiting your return.

  7. I am so glad they have found the issue, and are going to be able to take care of it. Jude has a hole in his heart. He had two but now one has closed. We have to watch him closely. I pray it all goes well. Hugs

  8. LizyB: I am devoted to your blog and have truly missed you. Knowing what a diligent blogger you are, I suspected that something might be amiss (as in your recent kitchen flood).... but as bad as that was, your health is of greater concern. Please know that I will hold you (and your doctors, too!) close in thought and prayer. Prayers for Courage and complete Healing will be yours all through the month of February....<3 month. All the very best to you, brave cookie friend! ~ Mary in NC

  9. What a great post--you will be FINE! Cross my heart <3

  10. Elizabeth, wishing you a fast recovery from this surgery! You will be on my prayers! XOXO!

  11. xoxo Friend. You will be in my prayers and I'll say a good one to St. John of God who is the patron saint of heart conditions. (One of my favorite things about being Catholic--a saint for everything!) Be sure to rest up as much as you can after the surgery! Nothing like rest to heal the body.

    If you need ANYTHING...let me know. I'll be over in a flash.

  12. Prayers for your speedy recovery!!! We'll miss you!!! --Katy

  13. I wondered where you were...What a blessing that they found the problem! Thank goodness for modern medicine. Take your time with the healing process and know that you have a ton of support out here in blogland:) I will keep you in my prayers. With positive thoughts for a speedy recovery, Sue

  14. Get well soon! my prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.

  15. I have been thinking of you often - and I will be praying for you to heal after surgery and be good as new soon!

  16. Sending good thoughts and special prayers your way for a speedy recovery. Be strong. We'll all be awaiting your return. : )

  17. Sending prayers for a smooth procedure and quick recovery...Take it easy and we will all still be here when you get back in the swing of things..

  18. Liz, Good luck with your surgery and hope you have a quick recovery.

  19. Wishing you speedy healing after your surgery and calmness before. New to your blog in the fall. Shelly

  20. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! I'll be praying for you and looking forward to your return to blogging :)

  21. THE GINGER COOKIE sends you best wishes for a fast recovery. See you back here soon.

  22. We will keep you and your family in our prayers and anxiously waiting your blog return ;o)

  23. Love all of these! Hoping to do conversation heart myself this year! :)

  24. I hope your recovery is going super well! Sending well wishes for a healthy and peaceful recovery, and I can't wait for your cookie comeback. Best wishes :)


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