Sunday, May 22, 2011

Art cookies for our family's artist

My Mom is an artist...did you know that?

Yup, she is...for reals.

But here's the thing, she still takes art classes.

If you are someone who has an artistic hobby, you know that's a great thing.

When you take classes you are part of a small community that inspires one another.  You can get instant criticism and feedback when you need a fresh set of eyes.  Then, of course, you learn new techniques and are challenged by your teachers!

All great stuff!!!

So when she asked me to make some cookies for her art class I was thrilled!
....and terrified.  These are artists.  Good ones.  Really, really good ones.

Just a little scary....

Voila...palettes for the artists!

Here's the flipside of the whole art class situation.

When I say to someone,  "My Mom is an artist!  Her work is amazing.  I just saw what she was working on for her class...."

As soon as you say the word 'class', you can see the wheels turning behind their eyes.
They just starting picturing art students all standing around a T.V. watching that art teacher with the frizzy hair telling viewers to paint 'happy little trees...'

Not that kind of class folks....this kind of class.....

....and this one....

...this one too...

(if I remember correctly, I think this one wasn't finished yet...)
(that's my baby, Jack)

Great work Mom!  We love you and are so very proud.....

Lizy B


  1. Your pallettes are super cool, how did you make the point of the brush go upwards? the paintings are great too xx

  2. Your cookies are awesome!! And your mom's drawings/paintings are awesome! I can see you have your mom's artistic talent too! :)

  3. oh my!!
    the artists loved them so much they didn't even want to eat them!!!
    thanks a million!!!

  4. Your mom is amazingly talented. It seems like the artistic talent runs in the family except one person uses a paint brush and the other one uses cookie dough and (I'm not sure what you use to make those beautiful cookies).

  5. Aunt Mary Anne's CookiesMay 23, 2011 at 11:57 AM

    Gorgeous cookies! The paint blobs look so realistic, I bet they were a huge hit!

  6. Wonderful! In your case, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

  7. Oh so nice! love those cookies I wish one of my sons could do that for me I paint also

  8. I would hang those paintings and stare admiringly at them as I devoured the pretty cookies!


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