Saturday, June 11, 2011

Signs of Summer!

Isn't it funny how we all have a different sign that summer is here?

For some it's the arrival of their favorite fruit in the produce aisle.  Others wait for the sunshine to last until after dinner.

I think most kids agree that if school is out, it's summer for sure!  (still another 1 1/2 weeks for the munchkins in SoCal.)

For me....its tan feet.  Tan Feet!  How silly is that!

The first few days the flip-flops come out of hiding are rather scary....feet glowing with paleness.

But, its been a few weeks.  There are flip-flops in the hallway, the garage, by the front-door, back-door...

In the KITCHEN!!!!!!!

Get in here and Put Your Shoes Away!!!!

...oh wait, those are mine....they can stay right there.

(On second thought, put them all in the laundry room.  Nothing going on in there anyway)

Yes, the tootsies are finally looking a little tan.  They have seen sunlight (alright maybe they've the self-tanner bottle too...)

Summer's here!!!!

How do you know its summer?

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  1. those could not be any cuter!!!

    i think my sign that summer is here is when the calendar hits "june 1st." yep, even though school isn't out for a few weeks, the pressures of the 9 months of teaching teenagers just seems to lift off my shoulders. The sun seems brighter, the sky bluer....ha! ha! Gettin' a little carried away here.

  2. Those cookies are adorable! Think once you don't need to bring an extra top everywhere, thats a sign that summer's here.

  3. I have the same cookie cutters but mine don't look nearly as cool as yours. Very cute!!!

  4. Holy cow, those are cute!!! I love 'em.


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