Sunday, March 17, 2013

Peeps Cookies for Easter!

Here is last year's DIY peeps cookie post.
The cutters I used were in Wal-Mart last year. 
Has anyone seen them this year?
Let me know and I'll post the info here so everyone can find them!!!

Who doesn't love Peeps!!!  I don't like them.

Please don't hate me...just not a raw marshmallow fan.

However,  give me a s'more made with a peep and I might bite off your finger.

Maybe that's why I've never made these before.  

 I just might be the very last baker to get around to them.

Until recently, peep cutters were hard to come by.  

Now I've heard that Peeps sells them online and

Copper gifts makes a gorgeous copper peep cutter called

the 'Bunny Bun'.  They even have different sizes!

* PIP has them now too!!!*

I've put them into my virtual shopping cart a few times now,

 but they always seem to be the cutters that get left behind when I see my total!!

(copper's not cheap....)

So here we are again, it's Easter time, and I still don't have the right cutter...



Well we can't have that now can we...?

Time for a little creativity....and pliers.

I found this cookie cutter set at Wal-Mart, in the Easter candy section.

Jack and I were searching for something completely different

 and this jumped off the shelf at me!

I barely had it in my hot little hand when Jack said,

"MooooooooM!  You already have a bunny cutter!"

(some children are much too observant aren't they?)

So I explained to him...

"You know, you're right Jack, I do.  Look at the ears on this bunny though.  

They look a lot like something I need and don't have.  

I think I can turn this into what I need it to be."


...after mulling that over for about thirty seconds....

"Mom, can I get that star wars lego set with the clones in it.  

I know I already have it but I can mix up the clones and make new ones.  

I really need it so Ethan and I can have a battle and play together...."

(Little stinker...)

So here's the set that came home with us...

The ears looked just like the ears on a peep to me,

I just needed to get rid of the feet.

I flipped the cutter over 

and just worried about the shape of the edge that would do the cutting.

Its much harder to manipulate the folded/top edge!

It took about five minutes of smushing and pinching 

with a pair of needle-nosed pliers.

No more feet!!!

His cheeks are a little less pointy too.

What do you think?

(they're 4"inches tall, in case you want to make your own!)

Pretty Peepish I'd say!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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  1. Lizy....Great job manipulating that bunny into a peep! They look like the real deal with the bright colors and sugar coating. Your son is handsome too! Have a Happy Easter!

  2. Adorable!!!!! And I LOVE how you made the cookie cutter!!!! Love the sparkly look of the peeps!!!!

  3. So cute! I'm a huge marshmallow fan. I found these giant bunny peeps at Walmart last week and ate them in one sitting (hangs head in shame). Last year I found a set of peep cutters at Hobby Lobby. You can see them in this post here.

    There was a set of different size peep cutters and then a set with a peep cutter, egg and flower. I haven't looked this year to see if they have them again. I'll let you know if I see them.

  4. Perfect Lizy!! LOVE these, they are so cute. And I bet they taste better than Peeps!

  5. I bought mine last year from Karens Cookies in a pair with the Chick Peep too, they were cheap for the pair. She possibly still has them. They are perfect! I jsut did them for my family last year cause I didn't think fellow Aussie woudl know them well enough to buy packs through my page. My partner has arrived hom from Whistler Canada this morning (literally and hour ago) and I asked for Peeps from Walmart and apparently they are in his luggage, PINK BUNNIES!! Yippee!!!!!!!

  6. These are adorable!! I'm not a Peep eater either, but I know I would eat up some Peep cookies. :-)

  7. oooh these are too cute! i love regular peeps too. yum!

  8. Ok--so I thought these cutters were from THIS year and I searched and searched and had people checking all over the country! And then I saw this post that said they were from last year...LOL. So after determining Peeps cutters are nowhere to be found (at a reasonable price) I decided to make my own from the bunny head cutter available this year at Walmart. It took some time and some lots of manipulations, but it turned our great. I can't wait to make Peeps!! Thanks for all that you share. Your tips are so valuable and your cookies are gorgeous : )

  9. Cute peeps cookies. Thanks for explaining about the cookie cutter.


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