Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter bunnies, flowers and....cadbury eggs?

My husband and I met in college, and were great friends before we were...more than friends.

(Easter bunnies, eggs and grass cookies)

Once we were more than friends, we knew pretty quickly that we wanted to stick together.

(gigantic flowers and eggs)

But I think everyone has that moment when you 'just know'.  You know that this person knows you better than anyone else could in the entire world, and they love you unconditionally. 

One year while we were dating, a few days after Easter, Joe stopped by my apartment with a gift.

He had driven around to all the stores in our little college town and bought ALL THE CADBURY CREME EGGS HE COULD FIND!!!!!!!!

(bunny hiding in the grass, can you find him?)

Yup...that was the moment.

He hates Cadbury Creme Eggs...thinks they're disgusting...but he bought them all (seriously all) for me, because he knew I loved them and couldn't get them again for a whole year.  

And you know what?  After that many creme eggs, I can't stand them either...

So now I make cookies!

(Easter cookies available at 'My Flower Girl')

(spring flowers available at the 'Relay for Life' fundraising bake sale)

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

Thanks for stopping by.

Lizy B

(Big thanks to Miss Christy for helping me tie up all the Easter cookie bags!  You rock!)


  1. I never heard that story before...just another reason to love joe!

  2. Per usual, your cookies are delightful! I love the grass cookies. I was just thinking about how to incorporate that into some Easter designs. Your story is sweet too. I fell for my husband over red licorice. (:

  3. I used the top of a pineapple cutter for the grass....can't wait to see what you do with them!

  4. love love it not even big on holidays,but these cookies make me want to celebrate...js

  5. I love the daisies! Just beautiful!

  6. And beautiful cookies at that!

  7. By the way, do you have a particular cookie recipe that you use? I have a sour cream cookie recipe that I'm thinking about using, but I was just wondering if there was a recipe that you prefer to use for your cookies.

  8. I love this - for me it was the outpouring of Indian food, whoppers, & more. Cute story and lovely cookies.

  9. I love this story! And now I love cookies too!


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